4th of July Cupcakes

Sweet Additions to Any Fourth!

cupcakes with blue icing, red stars, and tiny flags

4th of July cupcakes are so accommodating to your guest's desires. You can make many different little desserts at one time. Make 2 batches of batter so you have both chocolate and vanilla cake options.

When it comes to what goes on top, though, for this holiday save chocolate icing for another day—red, white, or blue icing is the star on July 4th. And don't forget to fill those cupcake tins to the brim so you have extra big cupcake tops to decorate.

Indulge in even more red, white, and blue sweet ideas at our 4th of July Desserts and 4th of July Cakes pages. For the rest of the meal—and yes, you have to serve more than cupcakes—hop on over to 4th of July Food.

4th of July Cupcake Decorating Ideas

  • Ice the vanilla cupcakes in solid blue, ice the chocolate cupcakes in solid red, and add one large white fondant star to each batch.

rows of cupcakes decorated to mimic a flag

  • Create a flag: Ice 1/3 of the cupcakes solid red, 1/3 solid white, and 1/3 solid blue. Add a fondant star to the blue cupcakes. Arrange all the cupcakes in a flag layout: line up the blues in the top left of an imaginary rectangle; lay out the red and white cupcakes in alternating rows to make red and white stripes.
  • Ice all the cupcakes in solid white. Press down on the top of each one with a star cookie cutter to give you an edge to follow. Fill in the star shape with blueberries.
  • Ice all the cupcakes in white. Add alternating rings of blueberries and raspberries, red and blue gumdrops, red and blue M&Ms—you get the picture.
  • Ice the vanilla cupcakes with coconut vanilla icing, and ice the chocolate cupcakes with cherry vanilla icing.
  • Ice the vanilla cupcakes in solid blue, ice the chocolate cupcakes in solid red, and stand a white sugar cookie upright on top of each.
  • Ice all the cupcakes in blue. Pipe a big "4" on each in white icing.
  • Ice all the cupcakes in blue icing piped on in a continuous swirl. Sprinkle tiny white candy stars on top.

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