4th of July Desserts

Patriotic Sweets

white marshmallows, blue and red candy

This one is a no-brainer. 4th of July desserts need to be red, white, blue, and sweet, right? So let's break it down:

CANDY: red, white, and blue M&Ms; gumdrops; watermelon slices; red licorice; white chocolate; jelly beans; lollypops; pixie sticks; sweetened coconut

FRUIT: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, cherries, red apples

OTHER SWEETS: red or blue jello, vanilla pudding, marshmallows, icing, ice cream, sorbet, rocket popsicles, vanilla cake, cream cheese, whipped cream, sprinkles

With these ingredients you can make just about anything. Alone, a lot of them are perfect little nibblers throughout the day—some healthy, some more on the today-is-a-day-to-treat-yourself side. Together, they're matches made in heaven. Check out our 4th of July dessert recipes below to see what I mean. And if they're not enough, we've got plenty more red, white, and blue sweet ideas at 4th of July Cakes and 4th of July Cupcakes.

Don't forget to balance out all the sweets with 4th of July food like grilled chicken and the best barbecue sauce ever!

4th of July Dessert Kabobs

I think you can put absolutely anything on a skewer and it raises it up a notch—or three or four notches—in the class department. So why not dessert? Take any of the above items that you can thread onto a wooden skewer and start stacking them on in a red, white, and blue pattern.

Don't forget, you're not stuck with the original color of any of your items; you can actually change the color of them. Anything can be dipped in white chocolate, right? And once dipped it's a hop, skip, and a jump to double dipping into pixie stick sugar or sprinkles. The combinations are tantalizingly endless.

Create Your Own Parfait

red, white, and blue dessert in parfait glass

Take any or all of the above items and put them in little red, white, or blue bowls; or red, white, AND blue bowls. Whatever you can find at the dollar store works just fine. Keep the 4th of July dessert items separate. For example, all of the blueberries go in one dish, all of the red gumdrops in another.

Any items that need to stay cold, like ice cream and sorbet, can be put out right before it's time for dessert. When you do put them out, place these bowls in larger bowls filled with ice.

Put a spoon in each bowl. Set out clear glass parfait glasses and invite all of your guests to make their own parfait. This is especially good for family groups.

Red Fireworks Smoothie/Milkshake

This is sort of a takeoff on the lava flow drink from our collection of Hawaiian luau drink recipes on our Birthday Party Babble website. It's so tasty you're gonna want to sip it all summer long.

Blend up a batch of vanilla milkshakes. Make them on the thin side—half milk, half vanilla ice cream. Add coconut syrup to taste, and at the end pour in some grenadine. Use a straw and push the grenadine down the sides a little. End result: it looks like fireworks falling, an oh-so-fitting visual on a hot 4th of July day.

Strawberry People

Remember those skewers? Use them to create the cutest little 4th of July fruit people. Take large triangular strawberries and dip each side into white chocolate, leaving a triangle of strawberry uncovered by the chocolate so it looks like a V-neck. Thread the strawberry all of the way on the skewer, narrow end down, leaving 1/2" of the skewer bare on top. Thread a cherry on the top end of the skewer.

You now have a white V-neck sweater on the red strawberry with a red cherry head. Use a small paintbrush to paint on white chocolate eyes and mouth for a 4th of July dessert that'll be talked about all summer long.

Candied & White Chocolate Apples

red candied apples

Take two of the best apple coatings ever and combine them for a red and white yummy 4th of July treat. Betcha never thought to combine white chocolate and candied apple coating, but once you try this, you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of it long before.

Buy crisp apples that are anywhere from not-too-sweet to tart. After all, you're basically encasing them in melted sugar! Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and McIntosh are just some of the varieties that work well.

Press the apples down on candied apple sticks so that the entire apple is skewered. If you buy the candied apple mix, the sticks will come with it. If not, good alternatives are popsickle sticks or wooden chopsticks broken in half.

Melt white chocolate on low in the microwave. Since there's nothing better than white chocolate, dip the entire apple in the chocolate. Once the chocolate has set, dip just half of the apple in the candied apple coating.

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