Adult Halloween Party Ideas

We have a whole ghost, I mean host, of adult Halloween party ideas that are just for you. Who said Halloween is just for kids? Definitely not us...we've got your ghoulish good time taken care of from start to finish.

Planning an adult Halloween party is frighteningly simple with our checklist of everything you need and everything you need to do. You don't even have to worry about the invitations. Why should you have to figure out your adult Halloween party invitations or your Halloween party cards when you have us? And if you're in a super-creative mood but need a little help with the writing, our Halloween party invitation wording is just the thing.

Now that you know what to do and who'll be invited to enjoy it, the next step is implementing our Halloween party decorating tips, including Halloween pumpkin patterns. This goes way beyond just the bowl for the candy. We're looking at homemade Halloween decorations for the entire house, inside and out. Trust us, this will be gobs of ghoulish fun. Don't forget decorating yourself: our last minute Halloween costume ideas make it a cinch for you to be cleverly outfitted with a minumum amount of work.

We'll even help you with Halloween party menus. Our adult Halloween party ideas cover scarily good food of all kinds, including Halloween party snacks and Halloween party appetizers. What's more, there's creepy recipes for Halloween party punch and Halloween party drinks. All this at your fingertips, at least I hope they're your fingertips...I saw some floating in the punch. Ewww!

And since we know that even watching out for severed fingers isn't enough to keep your guests occupied, we've got plenty of Halloween party games and ideas to keep the creepy fun going.

Ready to jump into the swampy waters of Halloween glee?

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Planning an Adult Halloween Party
Everything, and we do mean everything, you need to know to pull off a Halloween party Dracula would be honored to attend.

Adult Halloween Party Invitations
Gather the gang, both worldly and otherworldly, with these free clever invitations. Click, download, print. Done.

Halloween Party Cards
More options for spreading the word about your fabulous Halloween party. Download and print. Oh so easy.

Halloween Party Invitation Wording
Are you the creative type who has the cards all made, except for the pesky wording? Here ya go: clever ideas for filling in the blanks.

Halloween Party Decorating Tips
Creepy tombstones, spiders, eyeballs...plenty of Halloween decorating tips to ghoulify every room in your house. We even provide templates to make your pumpkin carving a breeze.

Halloween Pumpkin Patterns
Jack o' lanterns are must-haves when it comes to Halloween. Carving them is finally a simple task with our downloadable templates.

Homemade Halloween Decorations
Mummies, ghosts, gourds, oh my! From the simple to the complex, these homemade Halloween decorations will add a unique touch to your creepy atmosphere.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
Unbelievably cool Halloween costume ideas that will have your envious friends thinking you spent way more time coming up with your costume than you did.

Halloween Party Menus
Macabre themes for perfectly gross party food and brews to fill up your ghosts, goblins, and witches.

Halloween Party Snacks
Yummy, creepy treats that make you forget all about being too old to trick-or-treat! Now there's an adult Halloween party idea that we can never get enough of!

Halloween Party Appetizers
The ewwww factor in tiny edibles. Some of these hot appetizers and cold appetizers even involve body parts (no worries though...they're fake, thank goodness).

Halloween Party Punch
Eerie brews that will have your guests picturing boiling cauldrons and eyes of newt.

Halloween Party Drinks
Halloween cocktails that showcase your bartending skills. Shh, nobody needs to know how wonderfully simple these properly ghoulish drinks are to make.

Halloween Party Games and Ideas
Now that your decorations, food, and costumes are nailed down, keep the party jumping with these innovative adult Halloween party ideas. Party games that are perfectly yucky and fun!


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Delicious holiday drinks.
Spread the season's cheer!

mulled cranberry punch

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Cutest party favors!
Easy to make, fun to give.

star ornament
mini-present ornament