Celebrating Earth Day

Show your concern for our one and only planet by celebrating Earth Day.

This year you can do it easily. Just check out our Earth Day activities, crafts, and projects. You'll feel oh so productive and creative at the same time!

And while you're at it, invite others to your celebration with our eco-friendly Earth Day invitations. You can easily include interesting information in those invitations by picking up a tidbit or two from our Facts about Earth Day page.

Show Mother Earth how much you care...

Click on any of the links below.

Facts About Earth Day
This Earth Day information will give you all the tidbits you need to appreciate the history and scope of what has become an international environmental movement.

Earth Day Invitations
Eco-friendly Earth Day invitations to gather folks for your Earth Day celebration. Best of all, you'll download and print only as many cards as needed.

Earth Day Projects
Go green with these conscientious projects. Mother Earth will thank you!

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