Cheap Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Useful As Well As Wonderful

Oh the agony! Will cheap Fathers Day gift ideas look...well, cheap? With a bit of care and thought, you can wow the dad guy without breaking the bank.

Think about what he likes to do, or how he likes to present himself, or what he'd like to learn. How can he help but love your present when it's not only thoughtful, but it's totally useful as well? The inexpensive Fathers Day gift ideas below are a great way to get started.

flower bulbs in bucket with gardening tools

FLOWER BULBS. There are actually men who garden and do a bang-up job of it. They know how to coordinate colors and how to vary the plantings so that something's always in bloom.

If this sounds like the dad you're honoring, then dash on down to a gardening center and purchase some bulbs he doesn't already have (appropriate to the climate and sun/shade of his flower garden, of course). Package them with a nice trowel or manly gardening gloves for a complete gift.

GREETING CARDS. Practical, and not nearly as wifty as it sounds. Pick out individual cards specifically suited to those folks he should send greetings to, but never does. Think upcoming birthdays, graduations, weddings. Place them in a pretty box with coordinated envelopes. He'll look like a hero when he breaks them out throughout the year.

Throw some stamps on those envelopes, and you'll be a hero too. Be sure to make them "forever" stamps so he's not caught short on postage in the future.

assortment of magazines fanned out on table

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. A gift that's new beyond the moment is the beauty of this cheap Fathers Day gift idea. You may want to try something quirky like Mental Floss, or go with the long-standing Esquire. Better still, know your man and choose from a specific publication category.

  • Nascar Man: Nascar Illustrated
  • Gardening Man: Organic Gardening
  • Gun Man: Field & Stream
  • Photography Man: Popular Photography
  • Business Man: U.S. News & World Report
  • Literary Man: New Yorker
  • Geek Man: MacWorld
  • Motorcycle Man: CycleWorld
  • Golf Man: Golf Magazine
  • Boating Man: Boating Magazine
  • Music Man: Rolling Stone
  • Chef Man: Bon Appetit
  • Wanna Be Man: get him any of the above

MOVIE PASSES. Give 2 movie passes along with 2 of his favorite candy bars. And no, it's not mandatory that he share.

SWEATSHIRT. A sweatshirt from his own or his offspring's school—past or present—is great for Saturday afternoon hanging out or for attending those games. Rah rah!

yellow pouch with multi-colored glass marbles spilling out

TOY CHEST. For this cheap Fathers Day gift idea, fill a cigar box with little toys from his childhood—a bag of marbles, yo-yo, matchbox car, paddle ball, slinky. Too cute! (But in a manly way.)

A cigar box isn't the only option for dear old Dad. Pick up one of these alternative containers and fill it with Father's Day goodies:

  • Tackle box with matchbox cars in each of the individual slots
  • Old tin lunch box with army men in it; don't forget the ones with the parachutes
  • Six-pack cooler with 6 sports bobble heads from his favorite teams
  • Vintage book bag filled with comic books
  • Old wallet with photo sleeves; insert a different vintage baseball card in each sleeve

two travel mugs for beverages

TRAVEL COFFEE MUG. A travel coffee mug for his morning java will save him from dropping a fortune at Starbucks. Make it a container from his alma mater and he can show some school pride at the same time. A cheap Fathers Day gift idea with personal meaning...what could be better?

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