Chinese New Year Cards

Elegantly Bring Together Family and Friends

Chinese New Year cards...when to send them out, you ask? Chinese New Year is one of those holidays with a different date each year, and for a very cool reason. It's based on the lunisolar calendar, which means it has elements of both the lunar and solar calendars. Told you it was cool.

Below is a cheat sheet for sending out your Chinese New Year invitations for the next six years:

  • 2013: February 10, Year of the Snake
  • 2014: January 31, Year of the Horse
  • 2015: February 19, Year of the Sheep or Goat
  • 2016: February 8, Year of the Monkey
  • 2017: January 28, Year of the Rooster
  • 2018: February 16, Year of the Dog

The legend of Chinese New Year is steeped in symbols and tradition. Add the symbol of your animal year (the Chinese sign of the zodiac) to the inside of your card and the back of the envelope. Below is a graphic to copy, or if you're not artistically inclined, there are always rubber stamps. Add this to the many Chinese New Year activities you'll be exploring this year.

Chinese New Year snake Chinese New Year horse Chinese New Year goat



Chinese New Year monkey Chinese New Year horse Chinese New Year goat




Chinese New Year invites are the first place you can offer a preview of your Chinese New Year party ideas. Color is a huge part of it. All of our Chinese New Year invitations include the traditional red as a show of strength against the evil Nein (check out the History of Chinese New Year if you're totally lost).

In the tradition of adding glitter and stars to invitations, add something to convey your Chinese New Year wishes. Maybe include a red money envelope, a small stick of incense, or a few grains of rice as interactive elements in your cards.

Our Chinese New Year cards are an elegant and simple way to gather your friends and family to welcome the new year. Click, download, and's that easy.

Chinese New Year cards 1 Chinese New Year cards 2 Chinese New Year cards 3

Join us for Chinese New Year/
Gung Hay Fat Choy/
(May you become prosperous)

a chinese new year's night to remember./
join us.

from our house to your house./
join us for chinese new year's./
xie xie (thank you).

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Really impress folks this year and include good wishes in your Chinese New Year cards in Mandarin. Write your good wishes with a brush for even more authenticity!

  • gōng xǐ fā cái: Congratulations and Prosperity
  • xīn nián kuài lè: Happy New Year
  • nián nián yǒu yú: Wishing you prosperity every year

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