Chinese New Year Party Ideas

You cannot beat these Chinese New Year party ideas for joyously celebrating the cleansing start of a new year.

Prepare by starting with the all important history of the festivities. After that,

traditional foods, activities, and even downloadable Chinese New Year cards are all here to make your myriad preparations a breeze.

Complete your Chinese New Year preparations with ease.

Get started by clicking on the links below.

History Chinese New Year
To get the most enjoyment and meaning out of this holiday season, read up on its history and traditions. Now you're ready for a party both family and friends will remember fondly for years to come!

Chinese New Year Cards
For an auspicious start to the new year, simply download and print our elegant Chinese New Year invitations to bring the people you care about together in style.

Chinese New Year Activities
From lighting to decorations, here's everything you need to do to set the stage for a fun party and a great start to the new year.

Chinese New Year Traditional Food
Food plays a major role in the Chinese New Year celebration. Here are the dishes you need to have on hand for a complete holiday.

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Try these spooky drinks
for a boo-tiful party!

black martini
witch's brew

Crunchy party snacks,
yummy party fare!

chestnuts & pals
pumpkin seeds