Christmas Dinner Party Ideas

Suavely Elegant to Comfortably Casual

Our Christmas dinner party ideas center around this basic premise: Christmas night is a wonderful conclusion to the day. The hectic part is over and you can sit, relax, enjoy great conversation and, of course, indulge in fabulous FOOD.

Whether you're looking for Christmas dinner party ideas for multiple generations (kind words for lots of kids and older folks) or just adult Christmas party ideas, you may want to tie your meal into one of our Christmas party theme ideas or our Christmas party foods. You'll especially want to take a look at our Christmas party desserts!

red satin bow for christmas dinner party ideas

Velvet and Satin Dinner Party

For this dinner party, let's expand on the warm, rich sounds of our Christmas music theme idea. A word of caution: This isn't the setting for Christmas songs like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." This is a time for classics like one of Elvis Presley's three Christmas albums, Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song, or Dave Koz's Smooth Jazz Christmas.

Keep the lighting low with candles throughout the room. Don't even think about putting just a single candle on a table; make little vignettes with the candles. Buy a few yards of velvet in dark golds and deep reds and greens. Cut the fabric into single yard pieces. Take one of the yards and scrunch it up so it has lots of folds and ripples. Now place a grouping of white pillar candles on top of the material. Make sure the candles are of varying heights and slightly off center (trust me, it looks better off-kilter a bit).

Add your final touches. Drape 1" satin ribbon entwined with silver bead garlands to catch the light. Tuck sprigs of holly, boxwood, and magnolia leaves (whatever you have in your yard) around the candles to finish the look. Now that's a candle display! Make this as a centerpiece for the dining room table, a coffee table, the mantle—they're wonderful wherever you have a large bare spot. And be sure to make as many as you can to beautifully illuminate several rooms.

Play up the velvet and get extra long pieces to hang in your dining room entryway like drawing room curtains. A couple of rolls of fat satin ribbon will be perfect to wrap around each chair and tie into a big fat bow on the backs. Unique Christmas dinner party ideas should be dramatic, not complicated, you know?

Now the food needs to be rich and smooth, too. My husband (that's right, ladies, I said my husband; he's the best source of all of my Christmas dinner party ideas) makes either beef stroganoff or beef bourguignon for such a fine occasion. Both are totally decadent and totally delicious. Add an equally rich dessert like red velvet cake. Then sit back and sip a full-bodied red wine in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace.

Christmas Carol Dinner Party

christmas party crackers for christmas party themes

We have a little different take on the Christmas Movie Night theme. It's been a tradition in our family since before our son was born to watch or listen to A Christmas Carol every year.

It used to be what we did Christmas Eve when we got home from visiting relatives and relaxed. Or it was our treat while we put together toys and placed presents under the tree. Now we have it on in our bathroom the entire day. Totally unexpected fun and gets everybody talking—after all it's not every day you get such a pleasant surprise in the bathroom.

Now that you have the movie all set up, it's on to the food. Set your table with old-fashioned Christmas party crackers at each place. When the guests are seated, they all have to pull their crackers in order to be properly attired with their Christmas crowns. You are definitely going to want to take pictures of this!

Go for broke and have a big fat Christmas goose stuffed with apples and cranberries. Add roasted fingerling potatoes, Christmas pudding or plum pudding, and applesauce. Top it all off with a rich port or some hot cranberry wine.

Winter Wonderland Dinner Party

blue white silver place setting for christmas party themes

Pristine white, shimmery silver, light blue, and a touch of cerulean blue always look quite sophisticated when presented together. Decorate your house with these colors and bring the outside in for a fabulous winter wonderland.

For this Christmas dinner party idea, cover your dining table in an icy pale blue tablecloth; sprinkle with some white glitter. Perfect Christmas party favors to make would be our snowballs. Place them on the table and scatter them around the room.

Next, hang large white snowflakes from a light fixture above the table. You can buy them, or turn them into a craft project and make them. Fill a few silver bowls with shiny glass blue and silver Christmas balls (satin balls are nice, but for this look, they don't provide as much visual pop). Place the bowls of balls in varied spots on the table.

Serve your piping hot food in silver bowls and chafing dishes with silver serving utensils. Picture creamy butternut squash soup, a beautiful roast beef, scalloped potatoes, elegant French green beans, and kitschy hot chocolate. And for those over 21, a lovely alcoholic beverage for this color scheme is anything made with blue curacao. See our Christmas Party Drinks page for recipes to get you started. And don't forget the sweets. Our blue stars cupcakes are a perfect place to start.

Candy Cane Sweetness Dinner Party

hot turkey sandwich for unique christmas party ideas

Christmas dinner party ideas do not have to break the bank. Go simple and go your money for the presents! You cannot go wrong at Christmastime with red and white stripes.

Cover your table with a white cloth and add red ribbons of varying widths down the center. Or go disposable and buy a red and white striped tablecloth with solid red and white paper napkins. Finish your easy, economical dinner with plastic utensils in Christmas green (white plastic forks remind me too much of a cafeteria, and we have enough red).

Red, green, and white serving plates are the order of the day for the fixings for your hot turkey sandwiches. You'll need one each for the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and rolls. Sides of sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes with gravy finish the meal.

When it comes to your Christmas party drinks, eggnog and gluhwein fit into the color scheme of this Christmas dinner party idea perfectly. For a non-alcoholic beverage, try mulled cranberry punch. Recipes for all 3 of these scrumptious drinks can be found on our Christmas Party Drinks page. Desserts should get the candy cane treatment too: Arrange miniature desserts in a cane shape, a la—or should I say fa la la—our Christmas Party Foods page.

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