Christmas Office Party Invitations

No More All Work and No Play!

Our Christmas office party invitations are a perfect, and welcome, replacement for last year's oh-so-bland memo tacked on the bulletin board. Why should an office party be any less festive than one thrown in a non-work context? Clever, cute, and office specific, our free printable Christmas party invitations meet your requirements.

Planning a company Christmas party culminates with the sending of the invitation. Make sure you check out the other steps; you don't want to miss anything. Create custom snowflakes (as in step 10 of the planning list), or use one of the unique holiday party invitations below.

Your invitation is a great opportunity to let all of your colleagues know about the great upcoming office Christmas party activities. A tipoff about the free office party Christmas games is always appreciated, and usually necessary. Your guests will need to know that a Yankee swap is coming their way so they can grab a gift, or that it would be a good idea to hit the consignment shops for a chance to win the ugly holiday sweater contest. But know when to be discreet. Some office Xmas party games have to remain a secret to work.

You can always add humor to your Christmas office party invitations by enclosing a folded, spindled, and mutilated memo. Tease the invitees by whiting out parts of the memo so they actually have to attend the fun office party to find out all the details of what awaits them.

Ideas for company Christmas parties should use all available resources. Include hole punch scraps inside your Christmas office party invitations like confetti. Be sure to use red and green, or silver and gold. Add a small chain of paperclips to be used for tinsel on the company tree. Or give instructions to create an ornament out of the paperclips and ask them to bring the finished decoration to the party. A little incentive: the best one gets the first prize of the night!

Our Christmas office party invitations ensure that you'll have plenty of company as you celebrate the holiday with co-workers and (hopefully) friends. Pick one, two, or all three. Download and print on pretty paper. Fold and deliver.

Christmas card 1 Christmas card 2 Christmas card 3
Text Inside:

hey, the office printer can be fun. who knew? it's ok, i'm in charge of the office christmas party.
Text Inside:

the office christmas party is going to be a hole lot of fun.
Text Inside:

and the award goes to you! spread your holiday cheer with the rest of us at the company christmas party.
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Now get ready for the hordes of merrymakers the easy way: just follow the steps on our Planning a Company Christmas Party page. And don't forget to check out our Office Christmas Party Activities page for plenty to keep boredom at bay during your fabulous holiday work party.

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