Christmas Party Ideas

For A Splendiferous Celebration!

With this treasure trove of Christmas party ideas for the home, for once you'll get to enjoy the holiday as much as your guests.

Looking for unique Christmas party theme ideas or perfect Christmas party favors to make? Look no further. We even have splendid suggestions for table decorations.

Need witty ideas for invitations to make sure the merrymakers actually make it to your bash? Check out our Christmas party downloadable invitations and invitation ideas. They'll be glad they came too, when they see your creative, cool, party gifts, not to mention the giggly fun they'll have with the exciting activities on our Unique Christmas Party Games and Christmas Party Jokes and Games pages!

And of course what's a major holiday without the eats? Our Christmas party ideas for the home include cool ways to create entire moods for your Christmas dinner parties and to arrange your delightful party foods. We've got delectable appetizers that will dazzle your guests. Our delicious desserts and treats will keep them as jolly as Santa Claus (just don't mention the rounded belly). Oh, and speaking of jolly, we have wonderfully festive drinks for your Christmas celebration.

Let's not forget the workplace. If you're the lucky organizer of the office Christmas party, be sure to check out our Christmas office party ideas for a stress-free holiday across the board.

Fa la la seaon is upon us. Rejoice!

Click on the links below and increase your holiday cheer to levels even Santa would applaud.

Christmas Party Theme Ideas
Pick a theme and focus the Christmas party for triple the fun.

Free Christmas Party Invitations
Download and print these invitations for a witty and classy way to spread the holiday party info.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas
Your guests will thoroughly enjoy receiving these clever holiday invitations that go far beyond just paper.

Christmas Party Table Decorations
Christmas is a glorious time for decorations. Beautify your table with these fabulous centerpieces.

Christmas Party Favors To Make
Hand out these homemade Christmas mementos and make your guests feel particularly special.

Christmas Party Gift Exchange Ideas
These presents shout holiday pizzazz.

Unique Christmas Party Games
The fun kicks up into high gear with these adult party games for Christmas.

Christmas Party Jokes and Games
Continue the giggles with these hilarious Christmas party activities.

Christmas Dinner Party Ideas
Our creative meshing of mood, food, and decorations will make your dinner party a huge success.

Christmas Party Foods
Arrange your party food in fun ways and give your Christmas decor yet another boost.

Christmas Party Appetizers
Holiday appetizers that move way beyond the old standby of cheese and crackers.

Christmas Party Treats
There's nothing like little sweets for a big dose of happiness. These Christmassy cupcakes are bound to bring on the grins.

Christmas Party Desserts
Desserts always put a smile on people's faces. And isn't the Christmas holiday about spreading joy?

Christmas Party Drinks
Festive drinks that up the holiday cheer factor. Add a little booze, a lot of booze, or no booze at's all good with this Christmas party idea.

list of holidays in the fall

Try these spooky drinks
for a boo-tiful party!

black martini
witch's brew

Crunchy party snacks,
yummy party fare!

chestnuts & pals
pumpkin seeds