Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

Uniquely Beyond the Printed Page

Here are some pretty inventive Christmas party invitation ideas for when you're hankering for a change from the printed page. Sure, a paper Christmas party invitation will do the job, and do it well. And for that more traditional holiday invitation approach, we have wonderfully festive free, yes free, downloadable Christmas party invitations. But if you're itching to think outside the box a bit, opt for one of these unusual suggestions.

The Rustic Christmas Invitation

Christmas party themes should be reflected in everything from the decorations to the invitations. If you're having a back-to-nature Christmas with seed balls, pine cones, and lots of greens, here's your chance for Mother Nature herself to do the inviting.

For this Christmas party invitation idea, clip a small piece of an evergreen tree. Attach a tag with all of your party info on it. Deliver or mail the Christmas party invitation in a padded envelope. Your guests will get a cute Christmas party invite, and to top it off, when they open the envelope the evergreen fragrance will set the stage nicely for your party.

blue and gray knitted mitten with green invitation sticking out

The Warm and Cozy Invitation

Nothing is warmer or cozier than a knit hat, mitten, or scarf in the cold winter months. And nothing is faster to make if you knit or crochet, or buy inexpensively if you do neither.

To use these practical accessories as your invitation, think first of color—all red maybe? Or the pattern—all striped perhaps? Also think about how you will attach your message. Opting for the embroidered invitation is for the very few souls without a life at all (but if you can find someone to do it for you, go for it).

Not the embroidery type? Then how about one of the following to bring this Christmas party invitation idea to life:

  • Write the info on a ribbon and tie the ribbon around your knitwear.
  • Write it on a note and stuff it in the mitten.
  • Write it on a ribbon and baste (big sewn stitches) onto the scarf.
  • Write it on a paper snowflake and attach or insert in knitwear.
  • Write it on an oversized Christmas tag and attach with a big safety pin.

Photography Christmas Party Invites

woman holding box wrapped in brown paper with party invitation info written on it, topped with red bow


This Christmas party invitation idea calls for you taking a picture of yourself holding a big wrapped box (even brown kraft paper will look good). Put a huge red bow on the top of the box. Write the invitation on the box in the photo using a big fat marker (red, green, or black are all good). You get extra points if you wear a Santa hat for the photo session.

You can opt for no background behind you (white wall), or a background consisting of your decorated tree, stockings hanging from the mantle, or simply your front door (preferably with at least a holiday wreath peeking out from behind you).


OK, all you former little boys, this Christmas party invitation idea is not the same thing...well, it's sort of the same thing as what you were thinking. This time around you're going to write in the snow using a small paintbrush and food coloring. (You can decide for yourself if you want to use yellow. You'll definitely need the right audience for that choice.)

Write your invitation, stand back (or lean out of an upstairs window), and take a picture to use for your very original Christmas party invitation.


Take a picture of your family, but with someone who's not a member of the family standing in the middle of the group. Digitally or physically cut that person out. Paste the photo on white card stock and write your message in the missing person spot. Something along the lines of "It wouldn't be Christmas without you" fits quite nicely with this clever Christmas party invitation idea.

red Christmas balls hanging on evergreen boughs, with party invitation written on the three


Get your tree early so you have plenty of time to get your invitations done and out. Come on, you've got to have priorities, and at the moment this Christmas party invitation idea is at the top of the list.

String the tree with lights. Buy 3 really large Christmas balls, the cool plastic kind that don't look plastic that you see on trees outdoors. Solid red would be best. Using a silver paint pen write your invitation on the balls, as in the sample below.

  • Ball #1 (top height; on the left).  The Grays. December 24 4-7:00 pm

  • Ball #2 (middle height; on the right).  rsvp by 12/17 555.215.8943

  • Ball #3 (bottom height; left, but not as far left as the top ball #1. Yes I am that bossy; be grateful you don't live with me. Just do it, trust me).  You're invited to the most festive holiday party this season.

After you've hung the balls per above and positioned them so you can read all of the writing, take a picture of the whole thing to use as your invitation. Here's a tip: If you mess up, turn the ball over and try again; nobody is going to see the back.

Christmas Ornament Invitation

This is by far one of the easiest Christmas party invitation ideas yet. Using our salt dough Christmas ornaments recipe, cookie cutter your way to a quick batch of invitations. You can get really big cookie cutters in the shapes of ginger men, teddy bears, Christmas trees, giant snowflakes, and stars. All will give you plenty of room to write.

First write the invite on the back. Then decorate the front with paint pens, sequins, beads, little scraps of fabric...whatever you can lay your hands on. Doing the writing first is key if you are gluing things on the other side. Put a ribbon through the top. Then either keep your creations in your car to hand deliver when you see your friends, or bubble wrap and mail.

Christmas Party Invitation Wording

You've chosen the fabulous invitation you're going to make. Now if only you knew what to say! Holiday party invitation wording can be hard to get just right, so here are a few starters:

  • We have the roaring fire, the punch bowl of eggnog, and the mistletoe is hung. Where are you? You better get over here...

  • Wake up, wake up. It's Christmas. Just kidding. I know, you thought you missed our annual Christmas party, didn't you? Relax, it's...

  • Santa Claus is coming to town, so put your best red and green on—plaids, stripes, and polka dots welcome—and join us for the greatest holiday party ever...

  • Redeem this invitation for one (or six) cups of eggnog. Join us...

  • The children are nestled all snug in their beds, while we dance with lampshades on our heads. Join in the Christmas cheer...

  • Good food, good wine, good company. Must be the Jones' annual holiday party! Join us...

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