Christmas Party
Table Decorations

Gorgeous and Simple To Make

red and silver Christmas balls and miniature white Chritmas trees

When your entire house is decorated top to bottom, Christmas party table decorations are a must. After all, your table is the focal point of your convivial gathering during all or a portion of the party.

Go ahead and indulge your most whimsical Christmassy desires, or opt for the elegantly simple. Gather decades of handmade memories, or purchase everything spankin' brand new. There's a wonderful look for everyone when it comes to a Christmas centerpiece.

And speaking of a "look," check out our Christmas party themes to narrow down the decorative result you want to aim for. Even our Christmas party favors can help you define the motif for your Christmas party table decorations.

Trees of Pasta

miniature gold Chistmas tree made with gold macaroni shells


  • Several cone-shaped pieces of Styrofoam of varying heights, or stiff cardboard rolled into cone shapes
  • Elbow or shell macaroni
  • Glue
  • Gold or silver spray paint
  • Tiny glass Christmas balls in colors that complement your gold or silver tree
  • Fabric—preferably gold, silver, red, or green

This Christmas party table decoration is a great opportunity to involve kids or friends who are big kids at heart. Spread glue on a small area of the Styrofoam or cardboard cone. Glue neat rows of elbow macaroni or shell pasta on your base, making sure the pieces fit tightly against one another and face in the same direction. Continue spreading glue and affixing pieces of pasta until the entire cone is covered. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

Place the pasta-covered cones on several layers of newspaper and spray paint the entire surface of the cones. Let the paint dry completely.

Place a glass ball in the pointy top of the tree. Lay a swath of fabric down the center of your table, creating a runner. If it's a lightweight fabric, swirl it artfully so that it has a lush appearance. Center the cones on the fabric.


As long as you have it out and all, here's some more pasta art to keep you merrily occupied:

  • Cover various-sized Styrofoam balls with pastina, ditalini, or any other really small pasta. Spray paint them red or white. Fill a glass bowl with them.

  • Make holiday cards. Start by drawing a simple tree with a green marker on a white piece of paper. Separately spray all kinds of different pastas—the ones like little wheels, a shell, the ones like little caps—in varied bright colors. Glue the painted shells to the tree on your paper, put a star on top, sign it, and you're good to go.

Pine Cone Dazzle

gold-painted pine cones and Christmas balls


  • Pine cones
  • Spray paint, gold or silver
  • Glass Christmas balls
  • Basket

Spray paint the pine cones. When completely dry, heap them in a dark-colored straw basket. Intersperse large glass Christmas balls in one or two colors among the cones. Great color combinations include blue balls with silver cones and red balls with gold cones.

Place your fabulous Christmas party table decoration smack dab in the center of your table to be properly oohed and aahed over.

Choo-Choo Caravan

  • Toy trucks and trains, preferably old-fashioned kind
  • Fabric runner in Christmassy colors

Place the runner down the center of the table. Arrange the vehicles in groups on the runner or line them up along the center of the fabric. This is one of those Christmas party table decorations that appeals to kids, both young and old.

Candle Extravaganza

three lit pillar candles in different heights, surrounded by gold Christmas decorations


  • Pillar candles of varied heights (select a Christmassy color or colors, e.g. white, red, green, silver, gold)
  • Mirrors, about 12"-18" in diameter
  • Poinsettia blossoms or other holiday items

Place 3 or 4 candles on a mirror. Surround the base of the candles with a group of holiday items. Pick from this list, or reach deep into your holiday satchel for something uniquely your own.

  • Poinsettia blossoms
  • Short sprigs of holly
  • Fake snow
  • Plaid ribbons
  • Pine cones
  • Christmas balls
  • Tea candles in glass holders
  • Your Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, mittens, crocheted star get the idea

Place the entire arrangement of Christmas party table decorations on your table, light the candles, and enjoy the reflected glow of your Christmas centerpiece.

Poinsettia Procession

three poinsettias in pots covered with green foil MATERIALS
  • 3-5 small poinsettia plants in full bloom
  • Fabric runner in Christmassy colors

Place the runner down the center of the table. Place the poinsettias in a row on the fabric to create a simple, but effective, Christmas party table decoration.

Wreath Wraparound

red pillar candle sitting in center of decorated wreath laid flat


  • Wreath
  • Christmas balls
  • Pillar candle
  • Elevated pillar candle holder

Wreathes don't always have to be hung. Make a quick and easy Christmas party table decoration by adorning a wreath with Christmas balls and then laying it flat on your table. Place a pillar candle on an elevated candle holder in the center of the wreath to complete your Christmas centerpiece.

And remember, wreaths not only come in various sizes, they're available in a lovely range of materials as well. Choose whichever you like best to create your perfect holiday look:

  • Traditional greens
  • Grapevine (premade and comes in all kinds of sizes)
  • Holly
  • Pine cone
  • Fancy greens, like magnolia leaves
  • Twig
  • Eucalyptus
  • Plaid or striped fabric or ribbon (on a Styrofoam form)

Twigs and Ribbons

cans covered with twigs, with a red satin ribbon tied around the outside, filled with seed balls


  • Cans, e.g. coffee cans
  • Glass jars, with large mouth like mayonnaise jar
  • Twigs
  • Ribbons
  • Seed balls
  • Pine cones
  • Various categories of small items (see directions below)

Christmas party table decorations that hold still more decorations are the ultimate in cool. This Christmas decoration calls for bringing some nature to your winter table by collecting items all spring, summer, and fall. In your wanderings, pick up things like these: twigs, bag of sand from that trip to the beach, sea glass, marbles, feathers, seeds, pine cones, seashells. Supplement them with little balls of different colored yarn (you always have those ends when you knit), buttons, ribbon, wire, even little plastic dinosaurs—whatever you come across.

Paint your cans a dark color, then decorate them with twigs and ribbons. Now fill your cans and jars with your collected treasures. Yes, it's that easy. And these Christmas party table decorations are so fantastic that people can't help but pick them up and examine the contents, creating a great conversation starter for your Christmas party.

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