Cinco de Mayo Crafts

Add Spice To Your Décor

Cinco de Mayo crafts are no exception to my long held belief that all crafts should be used either as gifts or decorations. My ultimate goal is for you to use these crafts as both at your Cinco de Mayo events.

So, get out your Cinco de Mayo supplies, turn on your Cinco de Mayo music to set the mood, and get crackin' crafting!

Paper Flowers—Must-Have Cinco de Mayo Crafts

multi-colored flowers made from tissue paper

Create a profusion of color with paper flowers anywhere from 2 inches to 2 feet in diameter. The beauty of paper flowers is that they're super easy to make, cost very little, and are light as a feather.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Take multiple sheets of tissue paper (they can be all of the same color or all different colors). The bigger the flower, the more sheets you should use.
  2. Accordion-fold the tissue paper. The bigger the flower, the bigger and more folds you will have.
  3. Secure the center of the tissue paper with a green pipe cleaner tightly, but do it gently so you don't tear the paper. The pipe cleaner will become your stem.
  4. Now, carefully and gently pull each piece of tissue paper towards the center which you've secured with the green pipe cleaner. Separate each piece of paper from the others to form your fluffy Cinco de Mayo flower.

Here's what you do with them:

Small flowers are a bright pop of color and can be used for many things. To get started, check out the suggestions below for these Cinco de Mayo crafts.

• Margarita glass charm • Ponytail hairband
• Garland • Napkin ring
• Wreath for the head • Decoration on invitations
• Boutonniere • Wrist corsage
• Display in a bud vase

If you're into bigger, bolder statements, large flowers do the trick wonderfully well. Best of all, they're such an easy Cinco de Mayo craft that making a lot of them takes no time at all. Try out the arrangements below and enjoy the festive transformation of a room or two.

  • Cover an entire wall of your house with large paper flowers. They're so light you can tape the pipe cleaners to the walls with the blue masking tape that painters use. No harm to your walls means no fretting on your part. Use varying sizes and colors for the most dramatic effect. This works especially well on a wall in a stairwell, bathroom, or a dining room. Or create a beautiful transition into a room by covering the interior surface of an archway.
  • Use fish wire to suspend the paper flowers from the ceiling. To make clusters, vary the lengths so you get some overlapping. Keeping the lights low and adding twinkle lights around the flowers will give your Cinco de Mayo parties quite a romantic look.

Ristras—Cinco de Mayo Icons
That Really Have a Kick

wreath made of red chile peppers

In the late summer when the chiles are harvested, they're strung up to dry. These strings of chiles are called ristras. It's thought that if you hang a ristra in front of your home, it will welcome your visitors and bring good luck to all.

Ristra Cinco de Mayo decorations can be made into any of the following:

  • Garlands
  • Round wreaths
  • Heart-shaped wreaths

single red chile pepper

As a little extra bonus, while you're working on your ristra Cinco de Mayo crafts, leave a few of the smaller peppers as single items. Use them to create a really cute charm for your margarita glasses.

It's surprisingly simple to make these unique charms. Tie each pepper with twine or wire...either will look great. Use a white paint pen to write each drinker's name on a pepper. The contrast of white on deep red is not only cool, but easily readable.

On your drinks table, leave the "named" peppers arranged artfully around your margarita glasses. Have each guest claim their personalized pepper. Now no matter how tipsy—I mean, happy—your revelers get, they'll always know which glass is theirs!

Plastic Easter Eggs—Not Just for Easter

When you put away all of those plastic eggs you used for your Easter Basket ideas, keep some in the front of the closet where you can easily get to them. Why? Because they make fabulous maracas, of course!

many colored plastic easter eggs

Here's how you do it:

  1. Take any plastic Easter egg bottom and marry it up to a contrasting top.
  2. Fill each egg with some beans, rice, and/or beads. Experiment with what and how much you use to get the sound that you want.
  3. Close the eggs and decorate with paint pens. Horizontal wavy stripes around the eggs work for both Easter and Cinco de Mayo—just sayin'.

God's Eyes (Ojos de Dios)—A Craft for All Ages

Ojos de Dios or God's Eyes

The most successful Cinco de Mayo crafts are the ones that involve everyone. God's Eyes are Cinco de Mayo icons that combine traditional weaving with the spiritual, making them a particularly meaningful craft.

God's Eyes are symbolic of seeing and understanding the unknown, with the four points representing earth, fire, air, and water. And, given that I received my first God's Eye from my son when he was only in kindergarten, this craft is definitely one for all ages.

Here's how you do it:

  1. You'll need 2 popsicle sticks, 2 twigs, or 2 dowels of equal length to serve as your horizontal and vertical pieces.
  2. Knot a piece of yarn, ribbon, strip of fabric, twine, or colored raffia to the horizontal stick.
  3. Lay the vertical stick across the horizontal stick (the one with the knotted yarn) to begin the "weaving" process. Bring the yarn up over the front of the vertical stick. Wrap around the stick, ending in the front. Work counter-clockwise; coming from the back, wrapping in a clockwise direction, wrap the yarn around the next stick.
  4. To get clean color changes, make sure you change on the same point as you started. In other words, wrapping around all 4 points equals 1 lap around the God's Eye.

Here's what you do with them:

  • Hang large ones from the ceiling or in trees with twinkle lights. The lights add a lovely glow at night for your Cinco de Mayo parties.
  • Make plenty of small ones to go home with each guest as a party favor.

Cinco de Mayo crafts or Cinco de Mayo decorations—it's all gloriously the same to me!

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