Earth Day Invitations

Gather for Mother Earth's Party!

Your Earth Day invitations should include the most important Earth Day information. And that is: how to get to your house and when to come (that would be April 22nd if you're going with the true date of Earth Day).

Since Earth Day is all about coming together and working outside, it's also important to let your peeps know how to dress. So, be sure to specify attire when giving out details on your Earth Day activities. Here are some examples that will get you started.

Creek Bed Clean Up
Bring: Boots, old shoes, old clothes, dry set of clothes just in case, sunscreen, organic bug spray, hat, gloves.

Building Raised Beds
Bring: Old clothes, work shoes or sneakers, sunscreen, organic bug spray, hat, gloves, hammers (we have the saw, saw horses, and nails).

Creating an Old Tire Composting Container
Bring: Old clothes, sweatshirt, work shoes or sneakers, sunscreen, organic bug spray, hat, gloves, wide paintbrushes (we'll supply the paint to paint the tires).

Add some facts about Earth Day to your inside front cover to support your compelling case to come on over and celebrate Earth Day with you this year. Let them know who founded Earth Day (Senator Gaylord Nelson). When the first Earth Day occurred (1970)...a good detail to know if you want to say "Join us for the 43rd Earth Day Celebration." How many people celebrated Earth Day 2012 (over 1,000,000,000).

Go a step further and add a little something more, inside and out, to your Earth Day invitations. Inside, include some physical indicators of Earth Day by adding a little bit of dirt, a leaf, or a few blades of grass. Outside, seal your card with a muddy fingerprint.

Now that you have your ideas thoroughly mapped out, it's time to invite folks to your Earth Day celebration with our eco-friendly Earth Day invitations. Click, download, then print only as many as you need. Be sure to opt for recycled printer paper, and remind your friends to recycle the invitations once they've finished with them.

Earth Day invitations 1 Earth Day invitations 2 Earth Day invitations 3
come celebrate earth day/
with your friends
out is the new in/
celebrate earth day with us/
(outside of course)
think green./
celebrate earth day.
Click to download Click to download Click to download

Celebrating Earth Day should bring a community together, get everyone outside, and use the collective brainpower of all involved. Hey, wait a minute, you may need to send all three cards to everyone on your list!

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