Easter Basket Ideas

For the Creative at Heart

The only common thread in the Easter basket ideas below is that they all are capable of holding what's important, CANDY! OK, and some beautiful Easter eggs.

Rest assured, Easter ideas like these aren't just for the young at heart. They're all about the creative at heart. So, gather your materials and prepare for a dazzling Easter!

Easter Bonnet Basket

white, brown, and speckled eggs inside bonnet acting as Easter basket

As Easter basket ideas go, I like to think of this as the most traditional. I grew up getting dressed up for Easter, and that always included a bonnet.

Lucky for us, it just so happens that hats make the most perfect containers. Go all out and make up games for Easter that include the hat theme...that way everyone has a beautiful bonnet they can use for their basket!

  • How about a contest for the best handmade bonnet? Supply your contestants with plain straw hats, ribbons, flowers, plastic eggs, toy bunnies, etc. All of these items will create great bonnet baskets. And best of all, homemade Easter baskets are undeniably the basket of choice to use year after year.
  • For vintage Easter basket ideas, go to a thrift shop and buy Great Aunt Hazel's chapeau. Simply wonderful for setting a theme: picture women in flowered dresses, men in white linen pants, kids dressed to match on a rolling green hill with eggs scattered here and there. Oh no, I think that's a scene from Steel Magnolias. Anyway, you get the idea.
  • For the younger crowd, gather a variety of baseball caps. I have 40 or 50 my guys have strewn around the house. I keep throwing them out, but we always seem to still have that mystical 40 or so. Just can't figure it out. On the plus side, when it comes to Easter baskets, the cap's brim is like a built-in handle!

Nature's Easter Basket

easter basket of twigs, grass, wire

Easter and nature just seem to go hand in hand. Springtime, green, eggs...you see what I'm saying?

Easter basket ideas that have that natural look are easy to find or create if you want to go the extra creative mile and make homemade Easter baskets. Have wonderful Easter fun with the Easter ideas below.

  • Games for Easter that involve outdoor Easter egg hunt clues to find the makings of your basket are way fun and way cool. Here's what you need: wooden bowl or wicker basket, bundles of twigs, straw, twine, ribbon, feathers, straw flowers, silk flowers. Now write up those clues and make sure each of the above has an egg with it. Candy is the big payoff at the end, of course!
  • Use bird's nests. I know what you're thinking: great idea, but ewww, how disgusting. Well, you can get the sanitized version around Easter at most craft shops. They're made of twigs, rattan, and straw. Not a speck of bird poop to be found. Add some store-bought feathers to make it more authentic.
  • Wire garden baskets are great. You can use moss with a little straw or twigs sticking out, then decorate the basket with ribbons. Some even have handles. Then when Easter is over, plant some annuals in them and save your flower baskets for gussying up outdoor tables throughout the summer.

Easter Basket Bowls

white ceramic bowls with straw and white and dyed Easter eggs

Folks, here's an Easter basket to make with just a bowl...well, maybe not quite just a bowl. I love using bowls for my Easter baskets. Nothing makes a more beautiful centerpiece. Just goes to show, Easter basket ideas can be very simple.

Actually, I keep a ton of bowls of all sizes and colors on hand for all of my holidays. But we're talking about Easter here, so bowls with Easter egg patterns on them are great. However, any of the following will make just as stunning a statement:

  • Wooden bowls with lines carved into them that go around the bowl
  • Playful ceramic ones with polka dots
  • Tin ones with swirly lines
  • Cloth rolled into a circular shape in pink and lime green (my favorite color combo) patterned fabric

Line these baskets in a creative way, too. Include any or all of these items in your repertoire of straw and twigs:

  • Pink and white, or yellow and white bandanas
  • Various shades of green felt leaves
  • Silk, straw, fabric, or paper flowers
  • A mixture of velvet, cross grain, and silk ribbons in lavender and lime green
  • Easter inspired wrapping paper, either crinkled or cut into strips

Of course, Easter basket craft ideas are nothing without the final ingredients. That's right, some dyed eggs and CANDY!

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