Easter Cupcakes

Such a Sweet End to Your Day

When it comes to Easter cupcakes, icing is the key. Creating a whole world on a 3" to 4" circle is what Easter cake designs are all about.

Yeah, I know, you've already been inundated with candy on this sweets-focused day. But trust me, beautiful Easter desserts are in a class by themselves and well worth the effort!

Blooming Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes with pink icing and flowers

Flowers are an important part of Easter, so of course they're first up for this holiday's cupcakes. Keep spring in your thoughts when you create your flowers. Any of these will work:

• daisy • daffodil
• dogwood blossom • pussy willow
• magnolia • primrose
• hyacinth • peony
• crocus • jack-in-the-pulpit

Always, always, always, make the flowers edible. They can be drawn flat with icing like a painting, or made three-dimensional out of fondant.

Now place your flowers on any of the following icing/fondant bases:

  • Lavender and lime green stripes
  • Pink with white polka dots
  • Solids in shades of purple, lime green, pale green, hot pink, and yellow
  • Madras plaid of lavender, pink, and pale green
  • Yellow and white checks

Let loose and put them together in any combination you want to make the most fabulous flower cupcakes. Don't be afraid to mix and match. A beautiful magnolia blossom will look good on a madras plaid of lavender, pink, and pale green; or a fabric in solid hot pink. Or vary the flowers: for example, go with tulips and daisies. And don't forget to enclose each cupcake in a cute paper wrapper in a contrasting color.

Bird's Nest Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes with chocolate icing and tiny pastel eggs

Bird's nest cupcakes are Easter cake designs that give you an excuse to use candy Easter eggs. Yay! It's also a chance to create some really cute holiday cupcakes.

Just like our nature's Easter baskets on our Easter baskets ideas page, I like the authenticity of chocolate cake for my bird's nest Easter cupcakes—the chocolate looks more like a nest. Speaking of which, let's start there.

Create a nest on your chocolate cupcake out of any of the following:

  • Thin chocolate piping
  • Chocolate fondant made to look like twigs
  • Chocolate shoestring licorice
  • Softened sliced chocolate sticks

Next step: before you fill your bird's nest, decorate it. Make it look even more authentic. Make it look even cuter! Here are some suggestions for cutifying that nest, but don't be shy about letting your imagination run wild.

  • Dark green icing put through a strainer, like moss, to fill in some of the holes around your nest
  • Tiny flowers in spring colors of white, yellow, and orange; use a lighter green than the moss for the leaves
  • One medium-sized butterfly; look at Painted Ladies—they have the same coloring as Monarch butterflies, but are a lot smaller
  • A few downy fondant feathers

OK, here's the moment you've been waiting for: time to fill your nest. Give as much thought to the kind of eggs you'll put into your nest as the nest itself. Think about who will be eating these fabulous cupcakes. Do they like coconut, caramel, or just a dark, rich chocolate? For variation, pick more than one filling for your batch of cupcakes...they're all scrumptious!

• peanut butter • vanilla cream • coconut • key lime
• raspberry • caramel • cherry • mint
• almond • macademia nuts • espresso • dark chocolate
• milk chocolate • hazelnut • praline • marshmallow
• toffee • orange • licorice • strawberry
• blueberry • truffle • peanut • walnut

Last step: unwrap your tiny candy eggs or keep them in colored foil; either is good. Arrange them artistically in your carefully constructed cupcake nests.

As Easter desserts go, this one makes really great, unique Easter gifts, too! No one else, and I mean nobody, is going to have Easter cupcakes with this much thought and detail!

Easter Cupcakes Where the Cake Is the Star

carrot cake Easter cupcakes with fondant carrot on top

It's all about the cake for these Easter delights. With these cupcakes, icing isn't the whole story (although anyone who knows me knows that I do consider cake to be simply a way to eat icing).

Alas, that isn't the case for everyone, so for those of you who are interested in Easter dessert recipes that are more than just sugar, try some of these traditional ideas:

  • Carrot cake cupcakes with the traditional fondant orange carrot with greens attached on top
  • Coconut cake cupcakes with sweetened shaved coconut on top
  • Almond cake cupcakes with green icing put through a strainer (to look like grass) and shaved almonds on top (they look like little eggs)

Easter cupcakes are easy Easter dessert recipes that young and old alike love!

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