Easter Invitations

Get Folks Hopping
Over To Your House

Easter invitations should cover the basics, and by basics I mean colored eggs, the Easter Bunny, and spring flowers. (And as you can see below, my favorite spring flowers are tulips.) We've got you covered on all the aforementioned with our free Easter cards. Use them to invite all of your friends and families to this year's Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Add something special to this year's Easter invites that will get your guests hopping excited. Okay, I know it's supposed to be "hopping mad," but for obvious reasons that would be bad. I was simply dying to use "hopping," so just humor me. Try any of the following as a handwritten note on the inside front cover or tucked inside your invitation on a separate piece of paper.

Get the pre-party mood set by including an especially hard Easter egg hunt clue in the invitation that your guests can crack before they come. Something like these will work very nicely:

  • The shade in the east is dark and damp. (Translation: look to the east, as in the direction of the rising sun, and in the watering can under the tree.)
  • I'm a traditionalist..."V" for victory, you found me! (Translation: place a small nest where a tree branches and splits into two, making a "V" shape.)
  • The third post has the best news, right? (Translation: the third fence post on the right has eggs.)

Not up for making up clues? Then how about including a free Easter poem in your Easter invitations. Make them short, funny, and quick like a bunny.

First I shop, shop, shop.
Then I hop, hop, hop.
Stop, stop, stop, I'm exhausted.

Spring is in the air,
A special basket made with care.
Hop on by,
And come say hi.
(It's for you!)

Tulips are pink,
Daffodils are yellow.
Don't make a big stink,
And bring a fellow.

Or you can go with stuffing something unexpected in their Easter invites. Real or fake basket grass works really, really well. A couple of broken eggshells, dyed of course, are pretty funny. Or, how about some Hershey's Kisses foils with the little paper that says "Hershey's Kisses." For a giggle, include a note that says you couldn't help yourself and will replace the candy when they get to your house.

Whichever route you choose, Easter invitations to gather your chicks (and guys) for a springtime celebration are right here. Click, download, and print on pretty pastel paper...peep, peep, peep, it's that easy!

Easter invitations 1 Easter invitations 2 Easter invitations 3

it’s easter! pinks, oranges,/
and yellows, the colors of the day./
come and play.

happy easter. hop on over for/
an eggceptional celebration.

the tulips are in bloom, it must be/
easter. come celebrate.
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Don't forget, Easter invitations are technically delivered by the Easter Bunny, so add a bunny print to each of the envelopes. Or maybe just nibble on one of the corners!

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