Fathers Day Cards To Make

Dad Is Gonna Feel So Loved

It's really not hard to create Fathers Day cards to make Dad's day special. What's hard is getting him to actually do two things at once (nearly impossible, I know, but we don't need to go there).

You can simply print Fathers Day cards, which is a perfectly lovely option. Or you can take it a step further by turning these free Fathers Day crafts into warm Father’s Day stories that'll last for years to come.

Sports Ideas for Dad's Addiction
(that's right, I said it)

If your special dad is anything like my special dad, you have a lot of sports to pick from. And as many as there are, we have just as many creative ways to say "Happy Father’s Day" with a sports slant. So let's get started on Fathers Day cards to make your dad know he's a winner.

Golfer Dad

  • Print H-A-P-P-Y-D-A-D-S-D-A-Y on a 12-box of golf balls.
  • Draw a big red heart with "I Love You Dad" in it on a scorecard from his favorite course.

Baseball Dad

  • Create your own foam finger to let Dad know he's #1.
  • Make your dad a pennant. Use colors from his favorite team, and change to something with his name in it like "Rob's Rascals" or "Tom's Terrors."

Football Dad

  • Create a field of green with white lines and spell out "Happy Father's Day" in "X's" and "O's" like a football play.
  • Cut a large football shape out of brown paper, add bands of white to each end, punch holes for laces, add laces. Autograph with "Happy Father's Day" and your name.

For any sport, create a sports ticket (draw it or create it digitally for an easy-to-print Father's Day card). Fold the "stub" portion in and paper-clip a pair of real tickets inside. Add an appropriate Father's Day quote, like "Let me take you out to the ballpark," and sign with your name in a heart.

All dads want to be recognized. Fathers Day cards to make sure he knows he's No. 1 in your book are a surefire hit. Use any of the easily recognized shapes below—star, first place ribbon, or plaque—as a stencil to create your own card out of cut paper. Or print on card stock, color in, and write your own message.

Fathers Day card 1  Fathers Day card 2  Fathers Day card 3
Star Ribbon Plaque

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Wrap it Up For Dad

Fathers Day cards to make one of dad's favorite things a little more special is definitely a cool way to go.

Print one of our funny Fathers Day quotes, add "Happy Father's Day" and a big heart with your name in it. Now, trim the paper to make a band that will easily wrap one of the items below. Talk about a different kind of Fathers Day card to make the big guy smile!

  • Wrap Dad's favorite mug. Fill it with fresh-brewed coffee, hot chocolate with marshmallows, or his favorite beer.
  • Wrap Dad's favorite pint of ice cream. Serve it up with a bowl, spoon, and jimmies.
  • Wrap a tube of golf balls, socks, or underwear. And don't forget to add one of our Happy Father's Day quotes.

Not all nifty wraps need be printed ones. How about wrapping a flowerpot with duct tape and writing on it with a Sharpie marker? Pretty funny. Even funnier with a prickly cactus in it!


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