Fathers Day Craft Ideas

The best Fathers Day craft ideas really can turn out to be the best Fathers Day gifts ever. No frills is good. Practicality can be a plus. The bottom line is, if it makes Dad feel good you've got a winner! Find still more creative gift ideas on our Cheap Fathers Day Gift Ideas page.

DESSERT. When a guy doesn't cook, making his favorite dessert is like he hit the jackpot. Package this Fathers Day craft idea prettily (e.g. cake squares on a pretty plate, with colored plastic wrap gathered at the top and tied with a ribbon). If it's a dessert that can be frozen, so much the better. Then there's no need for the Father's Day gift recipient to wolf it down in one sitting or share it with others before it gets stale or moldy.

Some tried and true ideas:

  • Brownies cooked in mini muffin tins and iced with white butter cream icing
  • Mud—spread crushed Oreos on the bottom of a pan, swirl in chocolate pudding and Cool Whip, top with more crushed Oreos
  • Cheesecake with fresh berries on top—raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries (if you want to cheat, buy the cheesecake)
  • Chocolate mousse cake (I asked my husband, and this was his answer)
  • His favorite candy bars

MEMORY BOOK.This Fathers Day craft idea is sort of a reverse scrapbook. Usually you go to the museum, see that Broadway show, or go on that vacation and then put the museum map, ticket stubs, and photos in the scrapbook. This scrapbook is filled with promises of an exciting year to come. Here are some ideas for the pages.

  • Left side of the page: Picture of a golf course.
  • Right side of the page: Blank except for a small caption "Golfing with my daughter." Sometime in the coming year when your father goes golfing with you, save the score card, grab a piece of literature with the club logo on it, and get someone to take a picture of you playing. Paste these mementos in the scrapbook.

  • Left side of the page: Restaurant menu. (Print one from his favorite restaurant or a place he's dying to try; you can print it off of the restaurant's website.)
  • Right side of the page: Blank except for a small caption "Best dinner ever!" When you go to the restaurant, collect a flower from outside or the table, a book of matches, a record of what you ordered, and a notation of what music was playing. Again, get someone to take a picture of you, as well as the restaurant's sign. Paste these mementos in the scrapbook.

So, now that you have the gist of this Fathers Day craft idea, remember to collect mementos from all your outings with your dad throughout the upcoming year. The list is practically endless for filling these pages with warm memories: plays, concerts, shopping trips, vacations, sporting events, trips to the beach or mountains, paintball, shooting range, museums, arboretums, car shows. Those tangible scraps from favorite shared times will keep him smiling for many years to come.

NUTS & BOLTS STORAGE. Organize Dad's screws, bolts, nuts, and all those other tiny whatchamacallits for a practical Fathers Day craft idea. Collect empty baby food jars from acquaintances who have babes in arms. Print labels using a nifty label maker. (Every home should have one!) Arrange the jars alphabetically on small shelves in his workshop, filled with contents that match the labels.

PHOTO FRAME. Buy a plain wood photo frame. Paint it with a high gloss paint in his favorite color. Put a photo of one of his loved ones in it—you, his kid, his mom, a family shot, his dog if you must. You can get large prints made cheaply these days online at such sites as Snapfish and Kodak, making this a Fathers Day craft idea that can easily be done in multiples.

Want to get even more creative? Make a specialty picture frame that he'll treasure forever:

  • Fix-it Dad: Cover a frame with duct tape. Hot glue bolts, little nails, and screws to it.
  • Music Dad: Get an old tape cassette and wrap the frame in the tape.
  • TV Dad: Decoupage the TV listings onto the frame.
  • Sports Dad: Paint the frame in stripes of his favorite team's colors.
  • Gardening Dad: Take the frame outside and spray paint it dark green. Cut a couple of ferns and lay them on the paint once it's dry. Spray paint with a lighter green; you'll have the dark green fern underneath. You can do this many times and build up multiple layers of ferns alternating with the light and dark green paints.
  • Kid-lover Dad: Paint the frame white and paint your little one's hand brown (like dirt). Have your child press his or her little grubby hand all over the frame.

TOOL HOLDER. Go to the hardware store and buy a large piece of pegboard. Spray paint it a cool color. When dry, hang it in his workroom or garage. Evenly space "S" hooks in the holes. Hang up his small tools, work gloves, etc. There, now doesn't that look better? Now add a new bucket filled with brand new rags, a roll of duct tape, and a can of WD-40 to complete this Fathers Day craft idea with unprecedented attention to detail.

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