First Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Because It's the First Only Once

First Fathers Day gift ideas pile on the pressure like no other Father's Day will. It's true there will be many more years to come, but there's only one shot at the first.

Those oh-so-special first Fathers Day gift ideas are best if they include the little one, and here are some fabulous takes on that theme. While you're at it, start the day with one of our printable Fathers Day cards. Or even sweeter, use some of your leftover baby prints and create your own!

There is nothing cuter than a little baby's hands and feet. You just can't resist touching them or looking at them. All of these first Fathers Day gift ideas are based on this irresistible notion. Yes, these are definitely Fathers Day gifts to make Dad proud and put a smile on his face.

Fingerprints, Each One Unique

Using fingerprints is a great way to add some whimsy to Dad's first big day. There will be years to come where dirty fingerprints will line the walls, countertops, and most of everyone's clothing, but right now they're still oh so cute. So let's use it while the cute factor is still in effect and plain old grubby hasn't taken over yet.

  • Create a tie with a repeating fingerprint pattern.
  • Take a plain white tee and put 5 little black fingerprints near the collar or on the pocket.
  • Imprint the tiny fingerprint on a piece of metal to make a pendant for a leather-strapped necklace. This is also good for guitar picks and key chains.

Handprints for Dad and Baby

Document just how tiny the little one's hand is by contrasting it with Dad's. Obviously, you'll need a little cooperation from Dad on this one, so if you're set on a first Fathers Day gift idea that's a complete surprise, you'll need to check out some of our other suggestions. For example, some of the items on our Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas page can be easily adapted to fit a first Father's Day.

But I digress...get a copy of Dad's hand in black on white paper and the baby's hand in white on black paper. Frame the images side-by-side, or cut around the little one and glue it on top of the big one and frame them together.

Or you can get more fanciful and use the handprints as art. They make really great tree tops, butterflies, and birds. Not only are these great first Fathers Day gift ideas, but they're totally free Fathers Day craft ideas as well!

Footprints to Show Off Those Little Piggies

baby's foot making footprint  with pink paint

Little feet make great Fathers Day craft ideas and are magnificent incorporated into Fathers Day card ideas. Here are two wonderfully simple Fathers Day cards to make his first Father's Day memorable.

Single Foot: Heavy card stock is just about all this requires. Create a footprint in light blue or pink on a dark brown textured paper. Then use a white, light blue, or pink paint pen to write your special message inside.

Multiple Feet: A single footprint is good alone, but it's even better if you have feet walking across a piece of paper. It's also easy to print little feet in the shape of a heart. Simply draw a heart lightly in pencil and place the footprints along it. Let dry and then erase the line.

Like Father, Like Baby

It has gotten to the point where if any one of us has even the same color on, someone goes into the house and changes before we go out as a family. Hard to believe, but there was a time when we went out of our way to look like we were together. Matching outfits is a fad that doesn't last long, so take advantage of this limited window of opportunity to implement neat first Fathers Day gift ideas.

A natural trajectory in our house would be anything to do with rock and roll. This is an easy one. You can find plenty of t-shirts fitting this theme, or create your own. Check it out:

Matching Favorite Band T-Shirts: In our abode that meant Grateful Dead onesies with matching full-size t-shirts for Dad. You can get onesie concert t-shirts in everything from Alice Cooper, the Beatles, the Ramones, Johnny Cash, The Stones, to Jimi Hendrix and everything in-between. Start with the baby rock shirt. As easy as they are to find now, it's even easier to find Dad's size.

Create Your Own: A totally cool idea is to make your own rock and roll t-shirts. Dad's says "I Rock"; baby's says "I Roll." Cute, right? Or how about one for Dad that says "Rock Star" and one for baby that says "Roadie," or the other way around...up to you!

Photographs to Capture
Just How Small They Really Are

You know how many photos you take with a new baby? Seems like millions, doesn't it? That's because it is. There's always a new outfit, a new experience, or a new expression to record. And you can't just take one, noooooo, you have to take millions.

So, you know you have the makings for all of these Fathers Day crafts right on your computer. Take the best of your zillion images and use them for your first Fathers Day gift ideas.

Flipbook: Gather the 30 pictures you took when your baby first rolled over and print them out 3" x 5" in size. Paste them onto blank 3" x 5" index cards, back to front. The first image goes on the last page. Add a cover page with a special Father's Day message. Staple all the way along the left side of the stack of cards. Cover the staples with colored tape. Now flip your new flipbook and see that baby roll over all over again.

Picture Frames: Use a traditional frame and decorate it with little handprints or footprints. Or use a digital frame and update it every month—a gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.

black and white photo of baby's two feet resting in an adult's hand

T-shirts: Create your own iron-on or upload your image to Café Press. Go for something a little different like this photo. Not that a cute baby face wouldn't make a nice t-shirt—it would—but something a little more unusual is far more creative and makes a more personalized Fathers Day gift.

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