Free Christmas Party Invitations

Way Easy, Way Cute!

Free Christmas party invitations are the perfect Christmas party invite. You can't beat a scenario where all of the Christmas party invitation wording is already figured out. After all, it's Christmastime and you have sooooo many things to do.

Something simple, something classic, something red, green, and white is a great beginning. Adding something personal to your homemade Christmas party invitations takes them to the next level and can appeal to all of the senses. Consider spraying your invitations with a holiday scent like evergreen, peppermint, or cinnamon. Or stick the actual object in the card for the real deal: a sprig of evergreen, a candy cane, or a cinnamon stick.

Homemade Christmas party invitations can also start off the festivities for your Christmas party theme ideas. Include a red plaid ribbon to start a red, green, and white dress party. A piece of tinsel or an ornament hook for a trim-a-tree party is the perfect touch. White glitter really looks like snow falling from the card when you open it, conjuring up a wintry sleigh ride. And yes, I know it's messy, but it's so darn cool. Just sayin'.

Of course, prepping your guests should also be considered. Christmas party group games can get their start in your free Christmas party invitations. Include lyrics for several of your favorite holiday songs to get folks ready for a few rounds of Christmas karaoke. Or the lyrics can bring them up to speed for a Christmasy name-that-tune competition. Include a hint or two from our "Christmas Know-It-Alls" lists on our Unique Christmas Party Games page, or tuck in a scrap of wrapping paper and ribbon for "The Wrap-Off" on the same page.

Christmas party gift exchange ideas can also get their start with your downloadable Christmas party invites. For instance, if you're planning a cookie exchange, include a cookie recipe or two in the holiday invitations. Here's another opportunity to add a fragrance. Think chocolate or cinnamon for visions of just-baked Christmas treats. Yummy!

 Christmas card 1 Christmas card 2  Christmas card 3
Text Inside:

all wrapped up and nowhere to go?
Text Inside:

...the stockings are hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that you soon will be joyfully there...
Text Inside:

we are decorated and ready to go.
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Holiday party announcements don't get any easier than this. Simply download these free Christmas party invitations, print them on quality paper, fold, and mail. And if you're feeling a bit more artsy-craftsy, click on our Christmas Party Invitation Ideas page and let your holiday creativity really shine.

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