Halloween Party Appetizers

Ahhh, "finger" food for Halloween...how appropriate. This is your chance to do really gross Halloween party food, and have everyone love you for it! Halloween party appetizers are so much fun to make. With these hot and cold appetizers, you can get really creative and have everything tie into your Halloween party menus as well as your Halloween decorating ideas.

And remember, plenty of Halloween decorations can be found on our Halloween Party Decorating Tips and Homemade Halloween Decorations pages.


Cocktail Weiner Mummies

You know those great crescent rolls from your childhood Thanksgiving dinners that were always so good and gone so fast? Well, here's another chance to eat them. Peel apart all the pieces of dough. Using your finger, press all the perforations together to seal them. Cut the dough into strips.

Now that you have your dough bandages, wrap your mummies. Leave an opening on the front at the top for the "face." The dough bandage should cover the back of the "head" and the top of the "head"; the only part of the wiener you should see is the face.

Cook at 350 degrees for approximately 15 minutes, or until golden brown. Using a toothpick (or the wooden end of a small paintbrush like I do), dip just the very tip into a small (teeny tiny—you won't need much) bowl of mustard. Gently touch your mummy face to make 2 eyes. Try it a couple of times on a plate to get your pressure right in order to make the eyes the right size.

Eyeball Soup

This is a true amuse-bouche (someone's been watching Top Chef). Amuse-bouche means mouth amuser in French and is defined as a single bite served before the meal to excite the taste buds and offer a glimpse of what's to come. You may not think of soup this way, but what if it's served in a shot glass, a demitasse cup, or on an Asian spoon (my preference).

The soup of choice, of course, is tomato—homemade or canned. The red color starts the bloody look. Scoop out the center of mini mozzarella balls with a small melon scooper. Slice a pimento-stuffed olive horizontally. The olive becomes a green iris and the pimento a bloody pupil. Add one eyeball to each glass, cup, or spoon of tomato soup. Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Toe Wraps

Cocktail wieners are a beautiful thing, aren't they? This Halloween appetizer is short and sweet, pun intended. Cut small tortillas into squares and then into 3/4" strips. Wrap 1 strip around the bottom half of the wiener like a bandage. The bandage should hang over the edge some, so you don't see the severed edge, so to speak.

Stick a toothpick through the tortilla to secure it; stick it on the sides so you don't have a hole on top. Cook the warpped wieners in the oven for 10 minutes or less. Remove the toothpicks. Pour ketchup in a small bowl and paint on a bloody toenail on the un-bandaged end of the wiener.

Also see our Finger Wraps in the Zombie Spread section on our Halloween Party Menus page.


String Cheese Fingers

These Frankenstein fingers go perfectly with our Dr. Frankenstein's Experiment menu found on our Halloween Party Menus page. They look so great. And best of all, they take only minutes to make since they have only two ingredients: string cheese and a green bell pepper.

Cut the string cheese in half; you can get two fingers out of each half. On the rounded end, hollow out a shallow area for the fingernail. Using a paring knife, slash two sets of three horizontal lines to make knuckles. Standard knuckle cuts consist of two from the left, and then one cut from the right in the middle of the first two cuts. The first set of cuts is close to the severed end (the straight end); the second set is closer to the nail bed. Use your finger as a model.

Cut small square pieces of the green pepper for the fingernail and "insert" a piece into the nail bed. Dip the severed end in a small bowl of tomato sauce.

Ghost Eggs

With only one ingredient, these Halloween appetizers are getting ridiculously easy now. Hard boil one or two dozen eggs and let them cool. Peel the eggs. Cut the bottoms off of the fatter end. Make the edges look "ripped" by making a few cuts in them.

Put a ghostly face on each like the ones below and you're good to go. Just select the "click to dowload" options to obtain your very own templates.

Halloween appetizers 1 Halloween appetizers 2 Halloween appetizers 3

ghost egg 1

ghost egg 2

ghost egg 3

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Cheese Bats

This appetizer has both the dipper and the dippee all in one. Create the bat body with equal parts goat cheese and cream cheese mixed together. Roll into 1" balls, then roll those balls in equal parts black pepper and celery seeds mixed together. Slice black olives horizontally. Place two on each bat body as irises for the eyes and a peppercorn in the center of each as the pupils.

Now that the bodies are done, all you need is wings. Add a triangular blue corn chip on each side, near the top, by pushing one of the triangular points into the body. Instant bat. Instant chips and cheese.

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