Halloween Party Cards

For A Cool Creepy Celebration

What happens when you put a raven, a scarecrow, and glowing eyes from creepy Halloween party cards together? A frightening "come to life" scarecrow and his evil bird sidekick that you are sure come into your room at night—you've just never caught them—and stare at you with those ghoulish eyes. Oh, I guess that's just me. Okay, what you definitely do get are really great Halloween party cards, though.

Do something extra with each of our cards to take them to the next level. Make it easy on yourself and let our Halloween party ideas and recipes inspire and guide you. For instance, our raven Halloween party cards just cry out for a full-blown Edgar Allan Poe scenario—totally scary. Set your clocks to midnight, turn the lights down low, cast a purple light on your curtains, turn on a tape of someone knocking, and hang a large stuffed raven above the door. And, as sayeth The Raven, "Voila!"

Except for the Wizard of Oz, most scarecrows have a built-in element of scary. I don't know, must be that "in the middle of nowhere" aspect. So, this year let your scarecrow Halloween party card determine the Halloween costumes for groups of party-goers. That's right, include a note in each card requesting that all guests come as the scariest scarecrow ever. Prod reluctant costumers with the promise of a thrilling best-of-category prize.

Also, check out our Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt on our Halloween Party Games and Ideas page for great scarecrow activity. Don't forget to put a little straw in the invitation envelope for added fun.

And now we come to the last card in the bunch. The thought of being watched is perfect for Halloween—creepy, but perfect. If you choose our glowing ghoul eyes Halloween party card, follow through with our corresponding Halloween party decorating tips. Place eyes in all sorts of dark nooks and crannies in your house. For single sets of eyes, use either battery powered LED or glow-in-the-dark eyes. For a heavy concentration of eyes (large crowds stare too), use strings of electrical eye lights.

All you really need to remember is that Halloween Party SOS has all of your Halloween party invitation ideas covered. We have adult Halloween party invitations that are ready to download and send out. We've got properly spooky (or is that kooky?) Halloween party invitation wording if you want to customize your own invitations. And, of course, there are the great Halloween party cards below if you want still more ways to say "boo" on that hauntingly special day. So, click, download, print, and scare now!

Halloween card 1 Halloween card 2 Halloween card 3

Text Inside:

never more.

well, not really never.
ok, more.
happy halloween.

Text Inside:

just hanging around this halloween. how about you? let's hang together.

Text Inside:

do you ever get the impression someone is watching you? well, they are, so you better show up.

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Now that you're all set with getting the word out to your ghoulish friends, it's time to think about the next steps for a terrific Halloween bash. A great place to start: our yummy Halloween party appetizers and our way cool Halloween party games and ideas. According to the message floating in the steam from my cauldron, you're well on your way to a heck of a party!

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