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To Scare Up Some Great Fun

It's time for some relive-your-childhood fun with our Halloween party games and ideas. They'll make you forget all about being too old for trick-or-treating. (No boohooing allowed...a few wrinkles add to the authenticity of your witch or living dead costume.) Best of all, they're free Halloween party games!

You've followed our Halloween party decorating tips and Halloween party menus, which means you're all set in that department. You've even got a pretty good costume together thanks to our last minute Halloween costume ideas. So let the games begin!

Create a Monster

three dolls heads

This game is so sick, I mean fun, that your friends will be talking about you, I mean it, for months. Go to the dollar store, thrift shop, or dumpster dive for dolls. Make sure you have one for each guest. Now take them apart. That's right, dismember them.

Guess you're getting the picture by now that this is the creepiest of our Halloween party games and ideas. Hide the dolls' body parts around the house. Better yet, scatter them in a graveyard if you're lucky enough to be near one.

How you play: Each person gets a roll of thin black electrical tape and must find a head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. If you can get the hands and feet apart, go for it; it just makes it more fun. The object is to make the most hideous monster possible. All body parts should not match each other (think Sid in Toy Story). Guests should use the electrical tape to put their monsters together.

Put all the monsters on display and vote for the most bizarre. Winner gets a "bone" trophy: a large plastic bone with "1st Place Create a Monster (year, host's name) Halloween Party."

Halloween Drinking Game

This is one of those Halloween party games and ideas that brings back fond memories of college days. Shhh, don't tell the kids about that part.

How you play: Any time anyone says the secret word "Halloween" everyone screams, and screams real loud (loved the Pee Wee Herman show, didn't you?). Then everyone takes a drink. You only need a few people to know the secret word in the beginning, maybe yourself and 2 others. It's more fun if not everyone knows and it takes a while for the scream-inducing word to reveal itself.

Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt

scarecrow surrounded by pumpkins

As Halloween party activities go, this is a really great one to get groups working together. All clothes should be castoffs; don't buy anything. A trip to a craft shop will get you pretty much everything else.

How you play: Divide your guests into 3 teams. Each team gets the following:

  • one 6' dowel for the body, one inch in diameter
  • one 3' dowel for the arms, one inch in diameter
  • 1/3 bale of hay
  • burlap sack for a head
  • roll of twine
  • pair of jeans
  • flannel shirt
  • canvas gloves
  • bandana
  • belt
  • hat (straw or baseball)
  • red, blue, yellow, and black acrylic paint
  • buttons for eyes
  • glue
  • paint brush
  • jar of water

The first group to complete their scarecrow is the winner. Take a picture of each group with their scarecrows to show off at next year's party and have proof of just how awesome Halloween party games and ideas can be!

Name That Horror Movie

three frightened people sitting on sofa facing tv

For this creative representative of Halloween party games and ideas, go online and find 20 pictures from your favorite horror movies. They can be a favorite character, a frightening scene, or a chilling object.

Print each picture out to fill an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and put them up around your house. Number each photo using orange paper pumpkins you've cut out just for this purpose. Create a "Name That Horror Movie Sheet" for each guest: write numbers 1-20 down the page with a blank line next to each number long enough to write in the name of the movie.

How you play: Each guest grabs a sheet and goes from room to room to see all of the pictures. They fill in the name of the horror movie that matches the pictures as they go. First one done with all of the correct answers gets a DVD of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. (OK, you don't have to give my favorite movie...you can give your own, but it really is a great movie.)

Pin the Face on the Pumpkin

This is a new take on an old standard. Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, your guests will be pinning the face on the pumpkin. Get the largest pumpkin you can find. You'll be using it over and over again. Cut out a set of eyes, a nose, and a mouth out of black paper for each guest. Use our Halloween pumpkin patterns below for your templates.

Halloween pumpkin 1 Halloween pumpkin 2 Halloween pumpkin 3

classic pumpkin

sly cat pumpkin

scared pumpkin

Click to download

Click to download

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How you play: Each guest gets blindfolded and one by one handed the facial features with a thumbtack in them to pin onto the pumpkin. A photo is taken of each pumpkin, printed, and clothes-pinned to a line you have hung. Of the many Halloween party games and ideas we offer, this one is unique in that by the end of the night you have a new decoration: pumpkin flags!

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