Halloween Party Menus

Great Ghoulish Gobbles

It all comes down to the food, now doesn't it? So of course Halloween party menus have to be deliciously ghoulish. When planning an adult halloween party, your Halloween party food should be as much a part of your overall Halloween theme as the adult Halloween party invitations you send out and the homemade Halloween decorations you scatter about.

"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble"—time to break out the cauldron, light a fire, and get started on your gross Halloween party food. And if you're moaning for still more, creep on over to our Halloween Party Appetizers page for delightfully yucky edibles in tiny packages.

The Witches Brew

This Halloween party menu consists of dishes that can all be served in large- and medium-sized black plastic cauldrons.

Large Cauldron 1: Turkey chili with floating mini-wieners (they look like fingers). Make sure you have some sticking up out of the chili with just a dab of chili on the end like a fingernail. Looks really gross, in a good way.

Large Cauldron 2: Vegetarian chili with mini dumplings. Make sure you have some dumplings floating on top. Again, the gross factor is important.

Small Cauldron 1: Rice

Small Cauldron 2: White Beans

Small Cauldron 3: Pasta (break spaghetti into 2" pieces)

Small Cauldron 4: Apples (see below)

Supplement your main course with a variety of apples: yellow, green, red.

  • Place some whole apples of each color around the cauldrons for decoration.

  • Thinly slice 3 to 4 apples of each color into wedges. Squeeze a little lemon juice on them so they don't discolor. Pile them in a small cauldron, per above. For dessert, set out containers of melted candy apple coating, caramel, and chocolate for dipping the wedges.

  • As a finishing touch, put one red apple in a place of honor on a small stand, under a glass dome (or a similar glass container). Prop a small formal "Poison Apple" sign against the stand.

Napkin Rings: For fun napkin rings that round out your theme perfectly, try this:

  • Cut crepe paper into three 4" lengths. Leaving 1" at the top, cut up the length of the paper in 1/8" to 1/4" widths, cutting all 3 pieces at the same time.

  • This "fringe" you just created will be the bottom of the broom. Wrap a rubberband around the solid 1" piece you left at the top to gather it. Wrap twine around the rubberband to cover it and knot the twine.

  • Roll up a knife, fork, and spoon in a black, brown, or orange napkin. Lay one of the broom bottoms on top of the utensil "broom handle," wrap a piece of twine around the packet, and knot it.

Dr. Frankenstein's Experiment

Create a menu around a mad scientist theme. Order some Pyrex beakers and flasks online from a science supply site. You can get all shapes and sizes. You can even use beakers as your glasses and petri dishes to serve bite-sized appetizers or desserts for this Halloween party menu.

Super Large Flasks: Fill one with lemonade, one with mulled cider, and one with cranberry juice.

Super Large Beakers: Fill one with baked beans (it's Pyrex, so you can bake right in it), one with pulled pork in barbecue sauce, one with baked macaroni and cheese (add some crushed tomatoes for a little color).

Medium Beakers: Fill one with bread sticks, one with carrot sticks, and one with celery stalks. Have candy bugs crawling on all of them.

Small Flasks: Use 3 and put the tiniest amount of dry ice in each of them. Place them strategically around the food. Do not touch the dry ice; use an oven mitt or towel.

Petri Dishes: Fill with individual fruit tarts and cookies. All Halloween party food should be fun, so make sure all of the cookies have a Frankenstein Monster or Bride of Frankenstein Monster face on them.

Large Petri Dish or Shallow Pyrex Dish: What else but a gelatin brain. Get yourself a brain mold (yes, it's easy to find online). Fill it with clear gelatin with just a hint of strawberry Jello to give it a little color. Pour pureed strawberries in the dish, place the brain in the center of the dish, and drip a little of the pureed strawberries on top.

The Zombie Spread

You're going to need lots of body parts for Halloween party menus like this one. Look for waxed lips, candy eyeballs, gummy body parts, and any other really gross body part candy you may find on the store shelves around Halloween. Scatter them on your refreshments table for an extra dose of yuckiness.

Deviled Egg Eyes: Create traditional deviled eggs. After boiling the eggs, peel and cut in half lengthwise. Carefully remove the yolks. In a bowl, mix the yolks, mayonnaise, and mustard (I like a little relish in mine, too) with a little blue food dye. You'll end up with a great green eye. Using a melon scoop, scoop out a ball of the yolk mixture and place it in each egg white half, or should I say eye white. Add a pimento to the yolk eye for the pupil. Add a few little lines to the egg/eye white with a toothbrush to make it look bloodshot.

Cocktail Wiener Finger Wraps: Many finger recipes are out there, but ours seems to be the tastiest. Boil cocktail wieners. Cut tortilla wraps into triangles. Wrap each finger in the tortilla wrap like a crescent roll. Put a dab of ketchup on each finger like a fingernail.

Stuffed Intestines: Buy or make your own pizza dough. (Most of your local pizza parlors will sell you a ball of their dough.) Flatten into one really long piece, 4 feet by 4 inches. Sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese down the center. Roll dough over so you now have a long "tube" of dough with cheese in the center. Brush a 9" x 12" baking pan with olive oil. Fold the stuffed dough in a zig-zag pattern in the baking pan. Cook, adding some pizza sauce in all of the cracks.

Hand Jello Mold: Instead of using Jello, fill this mold with tightly packed chicken salad to round out the entrees.

Cupcakes: Ice all cupcakes with orange icing. On top of each cupcake, place one of the following body parts to adhere to your Halloween themed menu: ears, noses, and toes. You can make these body parts out of icing or use plastic ones from the dollar store.

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