Halloween Party Punch

Halloween party punch is a very important part of Halloween party menus. This beverage should not only tie into your Halloween theme, but it's a chance to go all out with its presentation and have some cool fun. Remember, the details are absolutely what make a great party.

Mad Scientist Potion

This Halloween party punch goes back to my childhood Halloween parties. Sometimes, traditional Halloween recipes are the best.

What you need: 2 liters of lemon-lime soda (Sprite, 7-Up); 1 large frozen can of limeade concentrate, add water per can's directions (usually 4 will do it); 1 gallon lime sherbet. Mix all ingredients, except for the sherbet, in a large bowl. Fill a large flask with the soda/limeade mixture.

How you do it: Add one scoop of sherbet to each glass. Pour the punch over the sherbet and watch the sherbet rise to the top with big foamy bubbles all around it. It looks positively mad and goes perfectly with the "Dr. Frankenstein's Experiment" menu found on our Halloween party menus page.

Ghostly Hands

I love decorative ice cubes. I have little seashell forms for the beach in the summertime, hearts for Valentine's Day, and stars just to put a smile on my guests' faces. For Halloween the ice is just done on a bigger scale (see below).

What you need: 6 rubber medical gloves, the thin kind; water to fill the gloves; 1 large can frozen cranberry juice concentrate; 1 large can frozen lime juice concentrate; 5 cans water; 2 liters ginger ale; 1 bag frozen cranberries.

How you do it: First create your ice. Fill each glove with water and tie a knot at the wrist like a balloon. Clean out your freezer so you have a large flat area that's large enough to lay all 6 gloves out flat. Do exactly that and leave in freezer until the gloves are frozen solid.

While the ice is freezing, mix the frozen juices and water. Chill the mixture. Chill the soda, but wait to add it until right before serving.

Once the gloves are frozen solid, cut the gloves off of the ice with very sharp scissors. Be gentle and go slowly. You'll actually only need 3, but sometimes fingers break, and of course ice melts. Don't worry, the backups will get used.

Pour the juice and soda in a large clear glass punch bowl. Add the ice hands and fill in around the hands with some of the frozen cranberries for a truly spooky Halloween party punch.

Zombie Pop

This punch is so wrong on so many levels—you're going to love it. And it goes perfectly with "The Zombie Spread" menu laid out on our Halloween party menus page...a little too perfectly if you know what I mean.

What you need: 2 liters coke, 2 bottles cherry juice, 1 bottle maraschino cherries, 1 gallon vanilla ice cream, 3 plastic baby doll arms.

How you do it: Add coke and cherry juice to a large punch bowl. Add baby doll arms. Scoop the vanilla ice cream (use the round kind of ice cream scoop to get balls). Place the balls and the cherries around the arms. It's dark, gross, and delicious.

Witch's Brew

As Halloween party recipes go, this one is all about the special effects. And it just happens to go with "The Witches Brew" menu found on our Halloween party menus page.

What you need: 1 large can frozen grape concentrate, 1 large can orange juice concentrate, 1 liter ginger ale, 3 small pieces of dry ice. Add water to the grape and orange juices per cans' directions (usually 7 cans of water will do it).

How you do it: Place a large bowl inside a large plastic cauldron. It acts as a liner; you just need a little space around the inner bowl and you want it to be about the same height as the cauldron. Drop the dry ice between the bowl and the cauldron with an oven mitt or towel. Add the dry ice before the liquids so you don't get any in the bowl the Halloween party punch will be in. Next, add all of the punch ingredients to the inner bowl. Evenly space the dry ice around the inner bowl so you have a smoky witch's brew all night long.

Swamp Water

The creature from the black lagoon would absolutely love this Halloween party punch. It's muddy, full of creepy crawlers, and loaded with pond gunk.

What you need: 1 gallon apple cider, 1 liter lemon-lime soda (Sprite, 7-Up), fresh basil, tapioca, gummy worms.

How you do it: Add apple cider and soda to a large punch bowl. Spoon tapioca on top of the punch. Add 15 large basil leaves. Strategically place gummy worms crawling out of the punch bowl. Also place a gummy worm crawling out of each glass. The best swamp water you will ever—and I can say that positively—ever, drink.

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