Halloween Pumpkin Patterns

Best Jack-O'-Lanterns Around

Picking the right pumpkin isn't the hard part. Picking the right Halloween pumpkin patterns for the pumpkin you have is the tough part. You can't carve just any old face on any shape pumpkin if you want a great jack-o-lantern. So, let's break it down, fellow carvers.


The Round Pumpkin: The easiest of all pumpkin shapes, the round-faced pumpkin gives you the largest area in which to work. The traditional triangle eyes and big smile with a few teeth are perfect for the pattern found at our Pin the Face on the Pumpkin activity on our Halloween Party Games and Ideas page. Another good option is our crow Halloween pumpkin pattern found below.

The Vertical Pumpkin: This is actually my favorite shape, maybe because it's more of a traditional face shape. With this one, you can do pirates (see below), witches, and vampires. There's also my favorite, the "Ohh No Mr. Bill" face (young people, you're gonna have to Google "Mr. Bill"). An added advantage to the "Mr. Bill" expression is that the big vertical oval eyes and mouth give you really large areas, and larger areas mean more lit-up areas to glow. The result is a wonderfully bright jack-o-lantern. Hop on over to our Pin the Face on the Pumpkin activity to download the Halloween pumpkin pattern and get started.

The Horizontal Pumpkin: Animal faces are particularly suited to the horizontal pumpkin. Unlike human faces, animals actually look cuter stretched wide. Cats, dogs, pigs, and mice are all good. And remember, it’s always cute to carve a little tail in the back.


Carved Halloween pumpkins are the ultimate homemade Halloween decorations. But goodness knows, cute and simple Halloween pumpkin patterns aren't easy to find. Between the patterns referenced above and the ones below, though, you are totally covered!

For any of our patterns, it's a simple matter of selecting the "click to download" option to obtain cool templates for carving. Not only do we have the black crow (and yes, please spray paint your pumpkin black), swaggering pirate, and sweet puppy, but check out our Halloween party decorating tips for our classic pumpkin, sly cat, and scary pumpkin patterns.

Halloween pumpkin 1 Halloween pumpkin 2 Halloween pumpkin 3

black crow

swaggering pirate

sweet puppy

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Carving artful, delightful pumpkins is only the beginning. Check out all of our Halloween party ideas and recipes. We’ve got pages and pages of them ready to help you throw the best Halloween party ever!

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