Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Show Him Just How Special He Is

Homemade Fathers Day gift ideas are the best Fathers Day gifts because they're made with lots and lots of love. And since you made them yourself (or found someone to make them), they're one of a kind, unique Fathers Day gifts.

That's really what we're all going for: a special gift, made with love. You know, the one that not everyone can have, just your special Dad this Father's Day.

Mason Jar Treasures

mason jar with

Okay, all of you cooks out there, these homemade Fathers Day gift ideas are right up your alley (or kitchen). A jar filled to the brim with one of his favorite things. What's not to love?

So, how do you figure out just what goes in there? Easy: Ask yourself these questions to decide what exactly is the right food to fill your mason jar. And remember, you don't have to limit yourself to just one.

What are your Dad's favorite snacks?

• Pickles • Salsa • Pretzels
• Peanuts • Pistachios • Wasabi peas
• Bread sticks • Trail mix • Olives
• Pickles • Guacamole • Peppers

What sauce can you build Dad's favorite meal around?

  • BBQ sauce: ribs on the grill with coleslaw and corn bread
  • Garlic sauce: shrimp stir fry with snow peas and brown rice
  • Mango chutney: curried eggplant, beans, carrots, white rice
  • Steak sauce: strip steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob

What satisfies Dad's sweet tooth?

• Jellybeans • M&Ms • Oreos
• Peanut butter cups • Brownie bites • Wasabi peas
• Caramels • Chocolate chip cookies • Peanut brittle

father's day label to use as gift tag

To make a real splash, finish your homemade Fathers Day gift idea with our homemade label that says "To: World's Greatest Dad, From_______________." Our template has 10 labels, each one 4" x 2".
Simply click here to download

Oh The Places You’ll Go (Or Been)

Homemade Fathers Day gift ideas that bring back or promise a special memory are sure to put a smile on your special guy's face this year. Give Dad a framed map of a city, state, or country in which you had a great vacation, met, or went to college. On the other hand, it could be an upcoming trip or a place you hope to visit sometime. As easy as this sounds, it's even easier to make!

Put your time and energy into the type of map and frame that will best suit your aim. Is the map an aerial photograph, have an antique look, or simply one you found online and printed on your printer? All can work really well. If it's a place you've visited, then include a small photo of Dad for a more personalized Father's Day gift.

What kind of frame? Pick a color that reminds you of the place, or go with one made of a type of wood you find there. Choose a wide frame with lots of room so you can easily write a special message...how about phrases from the place in that foreign language, descriptions of things you did, or a date you hope to go. What a cool way to make this Fathers Day easy craft a meaningful one as well!

Dad's Passions

dad and son with surfboards standing by the ocean

Be passionate about Dad's passion. Give him something that shows you know what your fella loves (in addition to you, of course). And best of all, this idea is marvelous for the not-so-crafty. You can buy these homemade Fathers Day gift ideas at Café Press. Our fabulous cheap Fathers Day gift ideas are another great way to bring this gift idea to life.

So, put your thinking caps on and search for what Dad likes the most. Here are some items to consider to get you started.

Sports: mountain biking, golf, tennis, football, baseball, basketball, surfing, running, hockey.

Hobbies: chess, photography, drinking (okay, let's pretend it's a hobby; so much nicer that way, don't you think?), gardening, cooking, travel, music, movies, television, pets.

Cheat Sheet BBQ Apron

dad in red apron with tasting spoon

Father's Day sits squarely in the middle of BBQ season. And we all know how most guys seem to gravitate toward fire and a grill. Not that I'm complaining about the resulting vituals.

At any rate, here's your chance to be inspired by the barbecue theme. The added plus is that Fathers Day craft ideas you can whip up in an hour are always great. This one may not even take you that long.

Here's what you need: Solid cook's apron, paint pens in a variety of colors (light for a dark apron, dark for a light apron).

Here's what you do: Create a cheat sheet by writing important dates on the apron.

• Date you first met • Date you got engaged • Wedding anniversary
• Birth dates • Valentine's Day • Date of trip to Europe

Flash Drive Photo Album

flash drive

Not only can you never have enough flash drives, but how cool is it if you put something special on one of them for Dad? Include a photo album from a special event, the family through the years, or a great vacation.

You can even get the kids involved with adding effects and fancy borders to the photos. Hey, there's no shame in admitting that the youngsters know more about that stuff than we do. And don't forget to include one of our great printable Father's Day cards in your gift package!

All Dads Love the Remote

Special homemade Fathers Day gift ideas that Dad can use every day are not so easy to come up with, are they? Well, look no further. We all know who hogs the remote control...Dad, of course.

Here's what you need: One 16", 18", or 20" square pillow (make it something that will go with blue denim, like a red and white stripe or a blue and green plaid); 1 denim pocket off the back of an old pair of jeans; needle and thread.

Here's what you do: Sew the pocket onto the pillow. Position it a little lower than center so that when the remote is in the pocket, all is centered top and bottom. Place remote into pocket.

Wrap It Up!

And lastly, wrap all of your homemade Fathers Day gift ideas with a tie to make the package even more special. No, we haven't forgotten that ties are traditionally snickered at as Father's Day gifts. With a little effort, though, you can find one that's tré suave, or go the opposite route and choose something so ridiculous that it is side-splitting funny.

Refined or silly, that's one bow that is sure to be saved!

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