Homemade Halloween Decorations

Set a Wonderfully Creepy Icky Mood

Nothing like homemade Halloween decorations to put a unique ghoulish touch on your Halloween party. These range from simple to complex, so gather your materials and let's get started! And don't forget to swoosh on over to our Halloween Party Decorating Tips page for still more great Halloween decorating ideas.

huge fake spider suspended on black web


Every respectable spider needs a web, right? Hide your spider webs in corners, under tables, and overhead for a creepy touch.

To create the webs, get 4 dowels—or better yet, twigs from your yard. Wind string, twine, yarn, or that stretchy white stuff (you know that cobwebby material you can find in craft stores at Halloween) around and around them. When you're done, paint the whole thing black. You need a lot of webs to get the full effect, so don't just make one, make 5 or 6. Attach a big rubber spider that you can pose to each web (one with wire in the legs). Ta-da, the best spider web since Charlotte's Web!

Painted Gourds

For this homemade Halloween decoration, paint faces on all of your gourds with paint pens. Then grab a big fat paint pen or marker—the fattest one you can find—and outline the features. Make them silly, scary, or your friends. Make sure each face is unique and each gourd is different in shape. Place throughout your house in rows of 3 or display them in a pile. These make great Halloween party favors as well!

mummy candle holders made of small terra cotta pots

Mummy Tea Lights

This Halloween craft is so easy, the last time I made them I did it with a class of 4th graders and only burnt one kid with the glue gun. Not bad, one out of 18. Just kidding. No one got burnt, and all got great homemade Halloween decorations to take home for the big night.

Here's what you need. Assorted small terra cotta pots, candles to fit in the pots (can be tea lights or 2" ones—whatever fits), gauze or cheesecloth, hot glue gun, beads for eyes.

Here's how you do it. Hot glue a strip of gauze or cheesecloth to a terra cotta pot and start wrapping it as if it is a mummy's head. Add beads for eyes, using another piece of gauze or cheesecloth strip as an eyebrow/socket so the beads look like they're set in the head. Put a candle in the pot and you're done. So cute. Line window sills to decorate for your own Halloween bash, or give them as a party favor, or give them as a gift if you're invited to someone else's great Halloween party!

Graffiti Pumpkins

You think the last one was easy? Well, these homemade Halloween decorations are, incredibly enough, even easier. Best of all, they're great fun to make.

Here's what you need. Assorted pumpkins, alphabet stickers (different fonts and sizes), and spray paint (green, black, and brown are all good colors).

Here's how you do it. With the alphabet stickers, spell out words like Boo, Scary, Witch, Goblin, Ghost, Ghoul, Halloween, Monster, Frankenstein, Mummy, and Spiders on the pumpkin. You can do one word, 2 words, or more. Spell out the first word and spray around the word with spray paint. Let dry. Peel off the letters and do the next word and the next. Overlap them for a cool artistic effect.

Here’s how you use them. For a great Halloween centerpiece, use a large pumpkin or a group of small ones. Apply your crafty magic to small gourds instead of pumpkins and you've got a great party favor.

black witches hats scattered about

Witches Hats

OK, now we're into the ridiculously simple when it comes to homemade Halloween decorations. Buy 6 witches hats at a costume store. Place these on or next to a cauldron, a frog, a spell book—use any leather-bound journal and write "Spells" on the front (extra points for putting actual spells in it), a wand, a pumpkin (carved with the classic pumpkin face) and a big rubber spider. Scatter the paired items throughout the house.

Ghost Poppers

Poppers aren't just for Christmas. Any holiday can use a popper to add pizzazz.

Here's what you need. Toilet paper rolls (start collecting now since you need one for each popper), white paper (8-1/2" x 11"), orange ribbon, lots of little Halloween goodies (vampire fangs, a tube of fake blood, Halloween erasers, light-up bracelets, and all of the candy you can fit), and a black marker.

Here's how you do it. Fill the toilet paper roll with assorted goodies you've collected, wrap the roll in the white paper, and tie each end of the paper (close to the roll) with the ribbon. Draw a scary ghost face on the toilet-paper-wrapped area of each of your ghost poppers. Boo!

Here’s how you use them. Fill a basket with the poppers and put by the door as party favors. Hang from fish wire around an archway as homemade Halloween decorations. Place at each guest's seat as a place setting.

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