Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

A Wonderful Show of Love

Homemade Mothers Day gifts are simply the best. The most cherished Mother's Day gifts I've received over the years have all been homemade presents.

Perfect Mother's Day gifts require a lot of thought, but not necessarily a lot of work, as demonstrated by our very simple projects below. So get your creative juices flowing and get ready to wow that very special woman this Mother's Day.

Perfect Packaging

flower bunch in box wrapped in orange gingham with matching ribbon

Ah, the container and the ribbon...a secret weapon of all good gifts that's too often overlooked. Yes, what's inside is tantalizing, but what's outside is what the recipient sees first.

So, I would argue that the packaging can make or break homemade Mothers Day gifts, or at the very least take them to the next level. Keeping that in mind, think outside of the box (pun intended) when housing this year's Mothers Day craft ideas.

The Package

Boxes: Always good, but how about heading to the local craft store and looking for one a little different than your standard square. Any in the following shapes will add pizzazz to the Mother's Day present inside:

  • Star (I have a set of 3 nesting cardboard star boxes my son decorated with paint pens many years ago—the smallest one was filled with glitter, also known as pixie dust. Yes, he was a big Peter Pan fan. And they get to do double duty when I bring them out every Christmas and use them with my other star decorations.)
  • Round or oval
  • Octagon or triangle
  • Heart

Glass Jars: Coming in all shapes and sizes, jars are another way to create personalized gifts for Mothers Day. Consider the following when selecting your perfect jar to house your homemade Mothers Day gifts:

  • Interior packaging—Don't just drop a necklace in a glass jar. Fill the jar two-thirds of the way with seashells for the beach-loving mom, coffee beans for that Starbucks aficionado, or beads for the crafty mom (hint, hint).
  • Shape and size—Remember to keep the jar proportional to your gift.
  • Color—There are so many different colors of glass, and you can find jars in most of them.

Tin Cans: Punch a message or design in the tin and spray paint it Mom's favorite color. Now place a sweetly scented votive candle inside. Voila!—the perfect votive holder to light up the special lady's life. You can even add a little handle to the top and hang it from a tree for a really cool accompaniment to Mothers Day brunch ideas.

The Ribbon

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!!! The perfect ribbon for a homemade Mothers Day gift has got to have the personality of your gift recipient (Mom). So, consider all of the following:

  • Personality (playful, sexy, natural)
  • Color (What's her favorite color? Don’t know? Then riddle me this: What colors does she wear? What colors are her favorite flowers? What colors does she use in her home decor?)
  • Texture (satin, cross grain, silk, velvet)
  • Patterns (polka dots, plaids, paisley, stripes, flowers, little ducks—you can get virtually anything in a ribbon these days)

Fantabulous Present

mother's day sugar cookies with raspberry filling tied with a pink polka-dot ribbon

Well, now that you have some great ideas for packaging, it's time to finalize your Mothers Day present ideas. Hint: Keep the Mothers Day activities simple ones that you can complete in a short amount of time. That way, you can spend enough time on the package and ribbon to create a lasting impression.

And remember, some presents have such a standalone "wow" factor that they don't even need nifty packaging. Here are a few lovely ideas for Mother's Day gifts:

  • Perfect sugar cookies that you made (or bought); for an even yummier treat, press them together two-by-two using a fruity filling
  • Chunky candle (may not even need a box; after all, ribbons look great wrapped around a candle)
  • Long, multiple strands of beads you've strung to be worn as a necklace or wound around a wrist or ankle
  • Small balls of really cool yarns for your knitter (using a tape measure or a ribbon that looks like a tape measure adds to this theme)
  • Perfect cupcake decorated in flowers
  • Small bite-sized dark chocolates
  • Memories (photos from a special trip, over the years, or someplace you hope to go together)

DIY Family Photo Session

Come on, you know we all love the group shot. And if you're a member of my family, there's always someone missing...me. That's what makes the do-it-yourself family photo session one of the most needed homemade Mothers Day gifts.

You really only need a tripod, a camera with a timer, and your family. But, if you want to get full credit, think about where to do this photo. You have all kinds of great options:

  • At the beach with an umbrella perched behind everyone (the ocean or seagrass as the backdrop is just as cool)
  • In your bedroom with everyone on your bed
  • At a botanical garden
  • In front of a brick or stone wall
  • Peeking over a wooden fence
  • Create your own photo studio with a white sheet behind you (easy to tack to existing curtains)

Cupcake Bouquet...So Easy, So Cute, So Yummy

mother's day bouquet made of cupcakes

I love Mothers Day present ideas that include my favorite things: flowers and sweets. The cupcake bouquet hits both right on the head. Here's how you create these yummy homemade Mothers Day gifts.

Materials: Silver florist bucket, 15 cupcakes in green cupcake papers with pink icing put on in a circular motion to look like petals, short wooden skewers, green florist clay.

How to do it: Fill the florist bucket almost to the top with green florist clay. Put one skewer into the center of each of the cupcakes from the bottom. Push the skewers through until almost showing, but not quite. Stick the other end of the skewer into the green florist clay.

Scarf with Ruffles

Personalized gifts for Mother's Day is what it's all about, and you've got it covered automatically when you go the route of homemade Mothers Day gifts. Fits right in with the perfect Mothers Day activities: personalized, homemade, and filled with love. Hey, just think about all of those homemade clothes, sweaters, and scarves moms have made over the years. Makes you smile, right?

Materials: Use organic products such as Lion Brand's Nature Choice Organic Cotton Yarn—using organic yarn makes it that much more special. Pair the yarn with No. 11 wood knitting needles (metal is too slippery for me). This yarn knits up really fast since it's so fat, and it's filled to the brim with (really soft) love.

How to do it: Cast on 56 stitches. Seed stitch for 9 rows (knit one, purl one). The trick is to make sure you're always putting the opposite stitch in the row below. In other words, a knit stitch goes into a purl stitch, and a purl stitch goes into a knit stitch. On the 10th row, decrease your stitches to a total of 14 by knitting 4 stitches together at a time. Knit 2 rows. Knit 2 rows of double seed stitch (knit two, purl 2 for 2 rows at a time). Now just keep going until the scarf is your desired length.

You'll have the cutest scarf for your DIY Mothers Day gift this year. Remember the lessons from above and package up your homemade Mothers Day gift prettily!

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