Homemade Valentines Day Gifts

The Best Way To Say I Love You

homemade valentines day gift cookies

Homemade Valentines Day gifts are the most treasured of presents. They're the ones you remember for years to come. So whether you're looking for Valentine's Day presents for boyfriends, girlfriends, or both, you've come to the right place.

To start, show your love with our free Valentine's Day cards. Add on one of our love coupons for Valentine's Day. Then top it all off with one of the cute Valentines Day ideas below. Can't you feel the love already?

Say I Love You—Literally

Sometimes you just have to say it. Everyone loves to hear "I love you." And I do mean everyone. Even those who are secure in their love, LOVE to hear it...or in this case see it. So for the easiest homemade Valentines Day gifts, spell it out for them. Write "I love you" in one of the many ways below.

valentines day craft ideas using hot type

  • Use old hot type (metal letters mounted on wood that were used to print in the olden days—don't you just hate that phrase, especially when you were around in the olden days!?!)

  • Write it with a sparkler (this one you have to take a picture of right away to capture it)

  • homemade valentines day gifts using email

  • Fill an email with it over and over again

  • Spell it out with rose petals (Valentine's Day Romantic Ideas 101)

  • Write it with food dye in the snow

  • Get a fake tattoo on your arm for the day

  • valentines day craft ideas using flowers

  • Spell it out with flowers, herbs, or greens

  • Write it on Post-Its and place them where they'll be found throughout the day—inside a sock drawer, medicine cabinet, lunch, briefcase, a book being read, etc.

  • Mark it on a calendar in a heart

  • cute valentines day ideas using alphabet blocks

  • Spell it out with alphabet blocks or letter magnets

  • Cut the letters out of a magazine and paste them on a sheet of paper

  • valentines day craft ideas using a rock

  • Have it carved into a rock

  • Carve it into a cutting board (carving is at the top of the Valentines Day romantic things list)

  • Slip it into a fortune cookie

  • Write it in the sand

  • homemade valentines day gifts using Scrabble tiles

  • Spell it out with game pieces like Wiki Stiks and Scrabble tiles

  • Write it out with lipstick on the bathroom mirror

How about saying it with their favorite foods? These homemade Valentines Day gifts make for sweet memories!

  • Line up 8 Valentine’s Day cupcakes and place a letter on each to spell I L-O-V-E Y-O-U

  • Cut the letters out of sugar cookie dough, then bake and ice with red icing

  • Spell those three little words with:
    1. Pepperoni on a homemade pizza
    2. Candy: Red Hots, M&Ms, jelly beans, Reese's Pieces, or gumballs
    3. Chocolate chips on a big cookie
    4. Whipped cream on pancakes

Don't forget to take a picture of your Valentines Day project, and buy or make a frame so they can feel the love all year long!

Give Your Heart to the One You Love

valentines day craft ideas using heart-shaped boxes

With these homemade Valentines Day gifts, you'll steal your lover's heart all over again. Hearts say Valentine's Day more than anything, and every one of these Valentines Day creative ideas have heart. OK, do I have to hit you over the head? Hearts, hearts, and more hearts are the theme of these homemade Valentine's Day gifts.

Heart-shaped boxes can hold many things, not just candy (although I'm always fine with that). How about a small heart-shaped box to hold one or more of the following:

cute valentines day ideas using rose petals

  • Rose petals

  • Heart-shaped rock

  • Bottle of red nail polish

  • Little heart-shaped candies

  • valentines day craft ideas using cookie cutter

  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter filled with miniature roses

  • One of our love coupons for Valentine's Day

  • One heart-shaped cookie

  • Heart-shaped jewelry

Somehow it always comes back to food, doesn't it? Serve up some love in an edible fashion with these tasty homemade Valentines Day gifts:

homemade valentines day gifts using pasta

  • Heart-shaped pasta

  • Heart-shaped pies

  • Heart-shaped cookies

  • homemade valentines day gift waffles

  • Heart-shaped waffles

  • Heart-shaped cakes

  • Heart-shaped ravioli

  • homemade valentines day gift cocoa

  • Heart-shaped cocoa in their latte (goes perfectly with those Valentine's Day desserts)

cute valentines day ideas using pets

You can use hearts in many other ways as well. Fill little heart-shaped dishes or bowls with herbs, candies, or a small candle for still more homemade Valentines Day gifts. Or get the family pets in the act and have them wear a heart with an "I Love You" message. Too cute!

valentines day craft ideas tie-dyed T-shirt

For a special someone particularly near and dear to your heart, show off your artistic skills and tie-dye a T-shirt with hearts! This is always good for a guy's Valentines Day gift, but girls definitely love these T-shirts too. Just follow the instructions below for this colorful homemade Valentines Day project.

  1. Draw a heart on your shirt.
  2. Baste around the heart with strong thread. The thread should have a large knot on the end of it (trust me, it needs to be large). Leave the thread hanging; do not knot the other end.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to make smaller hearts within the larger one.
  4. Pull the threads gently to gather the material. Gather as tightly as you can.
  5. Wrap the gathered fabric tightly with rubber bands.
  6. Repeat Step 5 for each of your hearts. Use one rubber band per heart.
  7. Start dying.

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