Labor Day Invitations

Bid Summer Adieu with Lots of Company

Is there no sadder day than the last day of summer? Labor Day invitations to a weekend getaway just might help. So invite a group to the beach, the mountains, or simply for an afternoon at your house to ease the pain of summer's end. After all, it's not like Memorial Day where the weather can be iffy. Labor Day is almost always warm and sunny—twists the knife a little deeper, doesn't it?

Burgers, barbecues, and staying out late into the night to soak up the last hours of summer—we've got them all covered with our Labor Day invitations. We even have your destinations all figured out. Just take a gander at our fun and fabulous Labor Day activities.

Now for how to insure a good turn out. I've got one word for you: personalize. Add something special to your Labor Day invitations to make them a memorable enticement and you're sure to get 100% attendance. A great start: add Labor Day poems that'll make them laugh:

It's just so sad, and truly bad
Summer is done, no more fun
Well maybe one more day
Come and play!

American, provolone, and cheddar cheese
One burger coming up, if you please!

Red, white, and blue
Come join our barbecue!

To celebrate the holiday with a bit of meaningfulness, it's always good to know something about Labor Day origins. It is said that the first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in 1882, in New York City. Within two years it was determined that the first Monday in September would be designated as the date, creating the first "workingman's holiday." Now that you have your idle chitchat, the only talk of work today should be who's minding the barbecue!

Yeah, we know. The summer's just about gone, but your party mode doesn't have to end. Download and print these free Labor Day invitations for a very cool start to your farewell-to-summer bash.

Labor Day card 1 Labor Day card 2  Labor Day card 3
Text Inside:

it's the last barbecue of the summer. join us for labor day!
Text Inside:

happy labor day! come celebrate jam-packed summer.
Text Inside:

labor day is here. the flame is almost out, but not quite. join us for the last party of the season.
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