Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last minute Halloween costume ideas need to be simple, with very few requirements. This doesn't mean they shouldn't be clever however. In fact, if your homemade Halloween costume shows ingenuity, you can get away with a lot.

The Vampire Victim Costume

Whether you have a little vampire living with you or not, those of us who are parents will all relate to this one. Parents: you draw bite marks on your necks with blood dripping from them (ummm, fake blood or Halloween makeup, not real blood). Marks should be toward the front in plain view. When asked what you are, say "I'm a parent and my kids are sucking the life out of me!" Complete the scenario with your kid as your accessory—just slap on a pair of plastic fangs and a black cape, and your kid is an instant Dracula.


A 35mm camera with flash is all you need for this unique Halloween costume. Strap the camera around your neck and you are good to go. While you're at the party, yell someone's name repeatedly while taking his or her picture. This may or may not make you popular with the other guests, but it's a great way to get good shots of the party for your host.

Black Eyed Peas

This is a clever last minute halloween costume idea that anyone can do, but you need a partner. Each of you has to blacken one eye with makeup and draw the letter "P" on the front of your t-shirts. Voila, Blacked Eye Peas.

Tinfoil Ball

Unique Halloween costumes are easier to come by if they're homemade Halloween costumes. Get two large pieces of the fattest foam rubber you can find that is long enough to wrap around your waist. One piece should be 12" tall, the other 24" tall. Place the 12" piece on top of the 24" piece so it stretches acoss the middle of the 24" piece. Roll newspaper to fill in the 6" above and below the 12" strip on top of the 24" strip. Tape everything together with clear packing tape or duct tape.

Make sure the material fits around your waist and then tape the edges together. Now start wrapping tinfoil around the whole thing. Crinkle the tinfoil so it looks worn. You are now a tinfoil ball.

Campers Roasting a Marshmallow
on a Stick with Fire

Halloween costumes for groups don't have to be all the same thing. They can tell a story. This one has campers, the marshmallow, and the fire.

Camper(s): You can have more than one camper. All should be wearing jeans, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, hiking boots, hats with get the idea.

Marshmallow: Using the really-fat-foam-rubber-wrapped-around-you idea again (see Tinfoil Ball above), cut a piece of foam rubber long enough to fit the person's chest (but under his or her arms). It should be 18" tall. Encase each end in a pillow stuffed in a white pillowcase. Tape the pillowcases together and both ends together with clear packing tape. Using black and brown spray paint, blacken your marshmallow a little around the edges.

The skinniest person should be the marshmallow, and dress in brown tights or leggings and a brown turtleneck to complete the stick outfit. Now put the marshmallow on the stick.

Fire: Get one roll each of yellow, red, and orange cellophane. Wearing black tights, leggings, or pants and a black turtleneck, attach crinkled cellophane around your body with clear packing tape. Hey, since you gathered the gang to implement this fabulous homemade Halloween costume idea, you get to be the fire.

Static Cling

For this last minute halloween costume idea, dress in your normal clothes. Now pin the following onto your outfit:

  • 3 socks—all different, none matching.
  • 1 pair of panties—big nylon ones are the funniest. Unless of course that's what you wear, and then it's not funny at anyone.
  • 1 nylon nightie or slip—men, you have no idea; women, you know how annoyingly these cling.

Deviled Egg

Some of the best homemade Halloween costume ideas are simple. Take this one, for example. Cut out a large yellow circle and attach it to the chest of your completely white outfit. I mean completely white, the whole deal, shirt to sneakers, all totally white. If you don't have white pants, wear long johns or leggings. On your head, wear a headband with devil horns—easy to find this time of year. You are now a deviled egg.

Game Show Contestant

This homemade halloween costume just requires that you make yourself an oversized name tag and below it write a phrase from your favorite game show. Here are some phrases to get you started:

  • I'd like to buy a vowel.
  • What is Albuquerque?
  • That's my final answer.
  • Big bucks! No whammies!
  • I can name that tune in 3 notes.
  • I'd like to phone a friend.

Attach the name tag to your shirt and you're ready to be a winner.

Sloppy Joe Costume

Put stains all over your clothes, pull out your shirttail, scuff up your shoes. (Of course, for some folks this is a natural state, in which case this is his perfect costume.) And don't forget a name tag that says "Joe."


Grab a buddy. Dress exactly alike. Done.

Made of Money

Pin or tape paper currency all over your clothes. We leave it up to you as to whether it's Monopoly money or the real thing. Sigh...would be kinda nice to really be a person made of money.

God's Gift to Women or God's Gift to Men

Here's the ultimate of the last minute halloween costume ideas. Put a bow around your neck with a gift tag that says either "To: Women" or "To Men"; "From: God." Definitely saved the best for last.

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