Memorial Day Invitations

Shout Out the Great Summer Kick-off!

When you get your Memorial Day invitations the summer season is officially open! The picture in my head involves a warm, sunny day with the three F's: friends, family, food. The most important of all Memorial Day facts you need to know (hey, a fourth "F"!) for a fabulous holiday is when the heck it is. And the answer is...drum roll please...the last Monday in May. Yes, it's one of those holidays that changes dates every year and so must be checked on the calendar before filling out your Memorial Day invites.

In contrast to the sometimes bittersweet nature of Labor Day celebrations, Memorial Day celebrations are unfailingly the best. No matter what your age, there's nothing like having the whole summer ahead of you! So let's get goin' on those Memorial Day invites.

Your Memorial Day invitations are the perfect place to trot out all the information your guests need to know in order to come prepared. Details about your Memorial Day ideas to consider including in your handwritten note to your guests are:

  • Special Attire: Bathing suits if you have a pool or are going to the beach, sweatshirts if you're planning a late night. Clothes to paint, play football, or to participate in any other special Memorial Day events you have so graciously planned.

  • Activities: Request that your guests bring lawn games to add to your stash of Memorial Day activities. Ideal crowd pleasers include bocci ball sets, croquet, horseshoes, badminton...anything that lets a group whoop it up.

  • Desserts: If you're doing a Memorial Day dessert bar, you might want to assign a color. Be specific and let your guests know whether you're looking for red, white, or blue; blue and white; red and white; or red and blue. While you're at it, be a gem and specify the type of food they should bring. Angling for cake, fruit, or pie? By including these details, your dessert bar will turn out the way you've pictured it in your mind with a lot less work for you!

Okay, the official kick-off to summer is here. Time to download and print your Memorial Day invitations and break out the barbecue!

Memorial Day card 1 Memorial Day card 2 Memorial Day card 3
Text Inside:

Cool off with us this Memorial Day.
Text Inside:

Happy Memorial Day!
it's that time again. put your flip flops on and come on over to our house to start the summer off right.
Text Inside:

ready to take a stab at summer?
join us for a memorial day barbecue.
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Speaking of barbecue, don't forget to check out our Memorial Day menu for mouth-watering recipes. You can't live on the dessert bar alone...well, actually you can, but I don't advise it.

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