Mothers Day Brunch Ideas

The Perfect Mothers Day Celebration

These Mothers Day brunch ideas are going to make that special lady soooo happy. Bonus: you're going to be a hero when it comes to the meal that can make or break the entire year. Ideas that will keep you in her good graces for an entire year are not easy to come by. But lo and behold, here they are: not only great Mothers Day brunch recipes, but great themes as well.

The brunch is a major part of the day. I'd say it's just as big as the Mothers Day gifts and flowers you'll be getting together. So, check out our fabulous Mothers Day brunch ideas below, and then be sure to make use of our homemade Mothers Day gifts and cheap Mothers Day gifts to complete her day.


Breakfast in Bed—Out of Bed

woman in pink pajamas sitting cross-legged on bed

Not all Mothers Day brunch ideas are great for a group, but these Mothers Day activities are perfect. As a matter of fact, the more the merrier...invite everyone you know, because it is so much more fun with a large group.

Any Mothers Day celebration that starts with a gift is my kind of shindig. And this one starts with a great gift: cool pajamas. Keep reading; you'll find something for everyone's budget.

And hey, what mom doesn't want to spend the day in her pj's? So to get ready for the big day, check out these great sites for comfy loungewear:

Pajama Mania : Here's the place for really cute, reasonably-priced, matching family pj sets.

Pajamagram : These jammies come in a cute hat box with a "do not disturb" sign for later.

Bedhead PJs: This is your chance to splurge on some great high-end print and floral pj's.

Now that you have your pj's purchased for that special mom, you're ready to get goin' with the rest of the preparations.

The Invitation: Buy a couple of dozen cute socks with hearts, polka dots, stripes...whatever you like. Send just one of the socks with a little note inside inviting your bevy of beauties to brunch. Be sure to write the invitation on stiff cardboard so the ladies know it's there, and convey that they should bring their sock with them.

The Free Mother's Day Poem: Include this little ditty in each of your invitations:

Enjoy the best of days
Eating bagels in pj's
Relaxing with friends
Until the day ends

You know we really do love you
But, maybe, just until 2:00

The Dress Code: Ask everyone to come in their pajamas.

The Decor: Have a fire going in the fireplace and add lots of large floor pillows to your living room. Put out a stack of Sunday papers so all can have one, and make sure you have plenty of pens (and pencils) around for those puzzle people.

The Food: Serve assorted bagels, plain and flavored cream cheese, lox, coffee, tea, and scones.

The Favor: Each person gets a coffee cup with her name written on it using a paint pen. Put the other sock inside each cup to remind everyone that of all the Mothers Day brunch ideas, this one was the best!

Mother's Day Chef's Table

woman chopping veggies on butcher block cutting board

This Mother's Day give the best DIY Mothers Day gift: FOOD! Mothers Day brunch ideas all center around food, of course, but this one takes it to the next level.

All of you good cooks out there, spend the day before Mother's Day watching a Top Chef marathon to get in the mood and fix in your mind what you need to look like. Inspired chefs need real cooking attire, so at the very least grab ahold of an authentic chef's coat. (White hats and pants can only help—just sayin'.)

The Chef's Table: You need to create the look and feel of a real chef's table. So, if you don't have a stainless steel or butcher block table, you can pull off the same effect with any rectangular table. Two card tables pushed together will even work. Cover your table with a thick, heavily starched white tablecloth.

The Centerpiece: Create a centerpiece for your table using a large wooden cutting board. Place wooden and stainless steel spoons, spatulas, tongs, forks, etc. in ceramic crocks on top.

The Napkins: Use waffle-textured dish towels.

Course 1: Start with fresh fruit, berries, and melon balls. Serve yogurt in large martini glasses.

Course 2: Steak hash with sautéed root vegetables and mushrooms. Andouille sausage cut on a slant about 1/4" thick. Serve the hash with a poached egg on top and 2 slices of sausage.

Course 3: Individual silver dollar, chocolate chip pancakes with a dollop of whipped cream on each. Be sure to sprinkle semi-sweet chocolate chips around the edge of the plate for a professional touch.

To make a really cool environment for your chef's table outside of the kitchen, set it up outdoors. Erect a canvas canopy over the table. In the center of the table, place punched tin lanterns of different heights with tealights inside. Psst, the lanterns are a wonderful addition to your parcel of Mothers Day craft ideas, and a great backdrop to any and all Mothers Day menus.

Gentility Personified

coffee being poured into delicate china cup with floral motif

There's something about a vintage spring theme that conjures up the most elegant of pictures. Sort of that slow motion image of beautiful women and dapper men gliding across a verdant lawn, a band playing in the background.

For this Mothers Day brunch idea, think Great Gatsby. It all comes down to setting the mood, my friends.

The Clothes: Floral dresses accented with large hats and gloves for the women. Seersucker and plaids in various pastels for the men. It is Mother's Day, and so the women should be the ones to shine today.

The Setting: Outside, of course, with a large green lawn, huge trees for shade, and wide pastel satin ribbons draped in the trees.

The Music: String quartets. Keep life simple and load your selections on your iPod, then run the music through your stereo.

The Tables: Solid pale green tablecloths, and napkins out of chintz fabric. Your finest china, or feel free to use quality paper goods since you are in the great outdoors.

The Food: Classic Eggs Benedict with hollandaise, toast points, smoked salmon, rich coffee, iced tea and lemonade, petit fours. And for the finale, individual chocolates for dessert.

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