Office Christmas Party Activities

Loads of Holiday Fun!

Office Christmas party activities can make or break the holidays. There's nothing worse than starting out with the feeling that you have to go to some boring function, and then it all goes downhill from there. We've all been there.

So, let's turn that around and pleasantly surprise everyone. Have loads of fun with these office Christmas party games that will get everyone chatting and laughing!

Copier Machine Matchup

copier machine with lid open and green laser light showing it is in operation

We've all heard the stories—I don't want to name names, but some of us have actually done it—about the wild office party where certain body parts got copied on the office copier. Well, here's a fun PG-rated version of this office Christmas party activity.

Pick one object per person that says something about that person. It should be something funny, snarky, or silly. Some ideas to get you started: movie ticket stubs for that woman who looks like Julia Roberts, a packet of sweetener for the guy who is always on a diet, car keys for the guy who is way too into his car. You get the idea.

Make sure objects are small enough to fit on the copier. Hang these photocopies all around the room, and have everyone guess who is who. Person who guesses the most correctly gets a prize.

Yankee Swap

woman wearing Santa hat and smiling at wrapped box with red bow

Corporate Christmas party games should get everyone involved. No one can resist a good old-fashioned Yankee Swap. Here's how you do it.

Establish what will be swapped: A new item under $10, a book (new or used), or the worst gift you ever received (make sure no one there gave it to you—if you can't remember where it came from, don't use it!). Each person brings one wrapped gift.

Establish who will go first: Youngest to oldest, by birth date (January 1 would be first, January 17 next, etc.), or alphabetically by first name (Ann first, Betty second; if more than one of the same names, last names come into play).

The rules: All gifts go in one pile on a table. The first person picks one gift, unwraps it, and shows everyone. If you're sitting at a table, prop it up in front of you. If standing, just hold it so all can see.

The second person can either take the first person's gift or open an unwrapped one. If he or she takes the first person's gift, that person has to open a new unwrapped gift. The current player cannot take his or her original gift back.

With office Christmas party activities like these, as more and more people open gifts, the swapping becomes more and more fun. Later in the game when your gift is taken, you don't have to open a new gift—you can take someone else's gift (just not the one that was taken from you). The current player can take someone else's gift, and so on. One turn can see a dozen swaps until someone goes for an unwrapped new gift.

It's really funny to see what people want, and what they try repeatedly to get rid of.

Holiday or Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

woman wearing a Santa hat and  holiday sweater with an outdoor Christmas scene

This is my favorite of the office Christmas party activities. You get to comb thrift shops (or your closet) for the best or worst holiday sweater, tie, vest, or jacket you can find. They have them with lights, name it and it has been sewn onto or into holiday attire.

A group picture is a must. And don't forget this is definitely a contest, so be prepared with big red and green 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons.

Meet Your Coworker Bingo

When planning a company Christmas party game it's good to have a goal. This is one of those office Christmas party activities that's great as an icebreaker for a group where folks don't know each other all that well.

Create a bingo card (5 categories across and 5 down) with any or all of the following (or create your own list) and a line under each one to fill in a name:

  • Likes Sushi
  • Rides a Bike on Weekends
  • Has been to Paris
  • Has Twins
  • Has a Child in College
  • Collects Coins
  • Scared of Spiders
  • Loves Swimming
  • Belongs to a Garden Club
  • Goes for Walks at Lunch
  • Amateur Photographer
  • Wrestled in High School
  • Goes to School Now
  • Hates to Clean
  • Favorite Color is Red
  • Loves to Dance
  • Went to Law School
  • Paints on the Weekend
  • Goes on House Tours
  • Lives within 2 Miles of Work
  • Lives over 20 Miles from Work
  • Went to College Out of State
  • Loves to Bake
  • Reads Science Fiction
  • Likes to Blog

Hand out the cards with instructions to find people that fit the categories on the card and write down their names under the category when they find them. The first one to get 5 across, down, or diagonally wins.

Have prizes for the first 3 winners. Lunch for 2 is nice so the winners can take one of their new friends to dine with them. Yes, these office Christmas party activities keep on spreading the holiday warmth!

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