Office Xmas Party Games

For A Roaring Good Time!

What's an office Christmas party without office Xmas party games? Something you feel obligated to go to, that's what it is. So, along with our office Christmas party activities, we've got some great, free office Xmas party games to magically transform that boring obligation into a fabulous time.

Office Charades

man in a dark suit making a charades gesture

A fun office party involves holiday office party games that are personal to the group. Here's one that will have the group in hysterics—in a good way, of course. Here's how you play.

Write down the name of each person at the party and put the names in a Santa's hat. Each person picks a name out of the hat and writes down that person's catch phrase.

Really think about it. Make sure you've heard them say it, many times, over and over and over and over and over again. Things like "are you with me?", "not you per se", "you took the words right out of my mouth", "you going to eat that?", "you need to get a handle on that", etc.

Now take turns and act out the phrases. With this office Xmas party game, not only do your co-workers have to guess the saying, they have to tell you who says it. No worries...any blushing will fit the holiday color scheme perfectly!

What's in Your Drawers?

wooden office desk and swiveling desk chair

Many game ideas for company Christmas parties make it difficult to get 100% participation. Not this office Xmas party game. Whether the company party is taking place in your office cafeteria or the Four Seasons, each person is to bring the most unusual thing from his/her office drawer. Important: items should be bizarre, but not get them fired.

Preparation: Create holiday tags with numbers printed on them. You need one for each guest; don't forget to include yourself in the count. Also, create scorecards. These cards should have spaces with "First", "Second", and "Third" printed on them in boxes large enough to write a number. Purchase 3 large Christmas bows to use for first, second, and third place. Be sure to buy gold, silver, and bronze bows with trailing ribbons. Lastly, you'll need a large empty cardboard box, pens, and a table.

Here's how you set it up: Guests drop off their items in the box on the table on their way into the party room (to maintain anonymity). The party organizer takes out the items and places them all on the same table. Each item gets a numbered tag, either by placing the tag on it, around it, or next to it. Place scorecards on the table as well, with pens.

Here's how you play: Each person selects top 3 choices for most bizarre drawer item and writes the corresponding number on his/her scorecard. All scorecards are placed in the now empty box.

Here's how you win: Scorecards are tallied and ribbons are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Winners get to wear their ribbons during the party and place them on their cubbies/offices, too. Hey, one of the cool things about this office Xmas party game is the bragging rights afterwards!

Office Chair Decathlon

woman sitting in desk chair that has wheels, with her arms raised in the air

This is probably the most fun you will ever have at work. And yes, as office Xmas party games go, this one is absolutely made for the work environment. The object of the game is to complete a preset course in the shortest amount of time while sitting in a wheeled office chair.

Setting the course: Create a course with instructions like...

  1. Make a left at Betty Smith's cubicle and go to small conference room. Grab a picture of a plain green Christmas tree off of the table.
  2. Make a right out of the conference room. Go to Ed West's office. Using the red marker, fill in your name on the picture.
  3. Turn around and go to the top drawer of the empty office. Take 2 pieces of garland out of the drawer and staple them to your tree.
  4. Make a left out of Ed's office, go to the coffee maker, and add 3 Christmas ball stickers to your tree.
  5. Make a left out of the office and go to the janitor's closet. Add 3 star stickers to your tree.
  6. Go back the way you came. Pass the coffee maker, go to John J's computer, and add 3 icicle stickers to your tree.
  7. Make a right out of the office. Go to Pat Johnson's in-box and add an angel to the top of the tree.
  8. Make a right out of Pat's office and add a big present sticker under your tree.
  9. Go straight to the refrigerator and add 2 more presents under the tree.
  10. Go to the copier and make a copy of the tree to give to the timekeeper so he/she can record the time on it. You get to take the original home.
Make the course as elaborate as you want for this office Xmas party game. You can add decorations, stockings, name it.

Determining the winner: You'll need an official timekeeper. Having the racers start and end in the same place makes timekeeping easier. The timekeeper collects the copied trees (originals stay with owner), adds the time, and puts all of them up on a bulletin board. Award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals for this energetic office Xmas party game.

Office Scavenger Hunt

rolodex open to a blank card

With this office Xmas party game, start by dividing your group into teams of 3 to 4 people. Create a list of items to find (see below). Each team receives the same list.

The first team that returns with pictures on their cell phones of all items on the list wins. The rules should specify that all objects must be out in plain sight and no one may open a drawer or cabinet—those pictures will be disqualified (and make you no friends come the next workday).

Potential items to find: rolodex, laptop, family picture with 3 kids, bowl of candy, picture of a dog, rubber band ball, post-it dispenser, sweater, baby picture, certificate, flat screen, No. 2 pencil, pink highlighter, yellow legal pad, graduation picture, flowers, screensaver, stress ball, letter opener, glasses, reading lamp, fan, back support, wedding picture, calendar.

Winning team receives a dinner out so they can all gloat together. What? Gloating is part of the holiday season, right?

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