Personalized Fathers Day Gifts

Uniquely Celebrate the Big Guy

Personalized Fathers Day gifts ensure that there's no mistaking who you have in mind when you bestow them on the lucky man. Every Father's Day gift should be meaningful and made or selected just for your special dad, right?

So, go the extra mile this year with truly unique Fathers Day presents. Here are some wonderful projects to make you (and Dad) unforgettable.

Personalized Photo Name

Taking and using your own photographs is the easiest way to create memorable personalized Fathers Day gifts. The premise is easy: spell out Dad's name in photographs. The real thought comes in with figuring out how to do it. Take a look at the ideas below and see if you can use what you have, or if you need to break out a camera and start clicking away.

His Special Hobby

How about using objects to make the letters? Seems simple enough, and it is. After all, if he's really into his chosen hobby, you'll have all of the props you need around the house. Choose from below or create your own list of items to use for creating the letters.

  • Gardener: tools, seed packets, mulch, leaves, stones, blooms, flowerpots
  • Cyclist: chain, tires, water bottles, bike hats, gloves, jersey, pedals (might be able to do this one at the bike shop)
  • Music: albums, 45s, 8-track cassettes, cassettes, CDs, concert tickets (can find all at a really big flea market)
  • Chef: utensils (could only use these and be more than fine), vegetables (ditto), pots & pans, timer, apron, herbs, spices, pasta

Your Special Place

the name

On our last trip to Rome, we decided to take lots of pictures of signs. We all did it: my husband, my son, and I. It was a competition—isn't everything? (On our trip to Paris we took pictures of "keep out" mechanisms: razor wire, glass embedded on tops of walls, fences with spikes on top...don't judge.)

Anyway, we have a ton of photos of great signs and a ton of great memories. All the letters of "PETER" are from those signs in Rome. This simple craft fills the homemade Fathers Day gift ideas niche perfectly and fits in with our cheap Fathers Day gift ideas, too.

This one can also be done with beach items for those of us whose special place is the ocean. Just take pictures of things like seashells, sand, shovels, sand buckets, boogie boards, bikinis, umbrellas, chairs, and flip-flops, then arrange them to your heart's content.

Get the Kids in the Picture

Little hands holding letters is more than cute, it's the perfect way to spell out Dad's name. Use any of the ideas below and make sure you photograph in front of a solid background like your fridge, the wall, or colored paper. You want each letter and hand to really stand out.

  • Scrabble tiles
  • Alphabet magnets
  • Stencils
  • Boggle cubes
  • Cookie cutters (with or without Play Dough letters)
  • Letters cut from magazines
  • Little signs the kids made themselves

Steak Branding Iron for BBQ Dad

Father's Day comes around just as summer is taking off. Feel those warm evenings, smell those steaks on the grill, picture yourself eating at the picnic table.

BBQ Dad can leave his mark with this personalized Fathers Day gift that lets him brand each and every one of his mouth-watering steaks. Have a single initial, his monogram, a short name like "ROB," or a simple "DAD" custom made so the big guy can take full grilling credit.

Keychain Photo Album

A great first Fathers Day gift idea, keychain photo albums have replaced the wallet photos for all dads. As first Fathers Day gifts go, it's absolutely perfect. After all, new poppas are expected to have pictures of their new babies, and this way they're always current.

Cover Dad Personally This Year

photo of surfer and kayaker

Not only have I used this idea myself for a variety of occasions—Father's Day for my husband, Christmas for my son—I've also been on the receiving end. They make it really easy to create personalized Fathers Day gifts by customizing iPhone, iPad, and Mac laptops. (For you non-Apple users out there, and I hear there are a couple, but I have no idea why, insert non-Apple equivalent).

Get those creative juices flowing and customize with wild abandonment. Here's what we have on our laptops.

  • My husband: The Grateful Dead Steal Your Face
  • My son: The Irish flag
  • Myself: Keith Haring's dancing people

Customize with a photo. Here's what we have on our iPhones.

  • My husband: Black and white photograph my son took of our yellow lab.
  • My son: The picture above. He's the surfer and very tall; my husband is the kayaker, and not so tall.
  • Myself: A photo my son took of graffiti.

It's easy to upload your images, and very easy to apply. So, what're you waiting for? Go ahead and create that perfect personalized Fathers Day gift!

Give Dad a Big Head This Year

A bobble head that is. Really, really funny. There are a variety of stock bodies to pick from; select a profession, hobby, or sport's team. You then upload a photo of Dad for them to create a one-of-a-kind bobble head to put on the body you selected.

Label It For Dad

personalized beer label

Give your special dad his special brew, one of the most appreciated and personalized Fathers Day gifts. Grab a 6-pack of his favorite beer, then gussy up those bottles with custom labels.

This unique Fathers Day gift is made super easy with the Beer Labelizer. You can make it more challenging, of course, and design your own. Enter all the data, then either download to your laptop or print right from the site. He'll proudly break out the brewskies with this special touch in place!

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