St Patricks Day Invitations

Gather Your Clan Creatively!

Our St Patricks Day invitations ensure that from the very beginning stages, your St Patricks Day event will carry the luck of the Irish. Think 4-leaf clovers, rainbows with pots of gold, and of course the luckiest thing of all on your St Patricks Day menu, green beer.

So add a little something special to all of your St Patricks Day invites, and we're not just talking about green dye (that would be really messy in an invitation). Lucky charms are the order of the day, and we're all set to do it in a St Patrick's Day funny kind of way.

  • Include a picture of yourself eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. Show the box on the table, and remind them to start the day off right for maximum luck.
  • Include regular 3-leaf clovers in your St Patricks Day invitations, and let your guests know that real luck awaits them at the party. Have 4-leaf clovers waiting for them. You can get actual little 4-leaf clovers in a frame, cut them out of green paper, or use a cookie cutter and have a batch of 4-leaf clovers as one of your St Patricks Day desserts.
  • Include the wrapper from some gold chocolate coins in your St Patricks Day invites with a note that says, "Beware of hungry leprechauns."
  • Give the first clue to your St Patricks Day scavenger hunt. Make it something clever, something green, something to get them excited about the other St Patricks Day party ideas you might have in store for them.

With your party invites in order, it's definitely time for kicking up your heels and the wearing of the green! These St Patricks Day invitations make gathering your Irish buddies and appreciators of Irish culture a breeze.

Download one or two or three. Print on pretty paper. Place in envelope with cool added item. Send out. You're halfway there to a rousin' good time!

St Patricks Day invitation 1 St Patricks Day invitation 2 St Patricks Day invitation 3
Text Inside:

green beer can only mean one thing./
that’s right, green pee. st. patrick’s/
day party at our house.
Text Inside:

you are invited to the BEST/
st. patrick’s day party! see...the luck/
of the irish HAS been bestowed/
upon you.
Text Inside:

happy st. patrick’s day. we have/
a pot of gold with your name on it./
come and get it.
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Now comes the real fun. With the invitations crossed off your list, get started on those St Patricks Day treats and St Patricks Day punch. Practice your jig and prepare to raise a glass with quite the happy bunch of people!

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