St Patricks Day Party Ideas

That'll Have You Dancing A Jig!

beer steins in a shamrock shaped photo

Time for the wearing of the green! Our St Patricks Day party ideas will have even leprechauns wanting to join in. Hey, they know a great party when they see one!

Invitations, punch,'s all here to make your St Patricks Day celebration fun and unique. And to get that party started, we even have scavenger hunts as easy or as tricky as you'd like to make them.

So grab a shamrock, dress in green, and prepare to celebrate!

The luck of the Irish awaits you!

Click on the links below to celebrate St. Paddy's Day with vim and vigor.

St Patricks Day Invitations
Our downloadable, printable St. Patrick's Day invitations make it easy to gather folks for raising a pint or two (or more) at your St. Paddy's Day celebration.

St Patricks Day Treats
No holiday is complete without treats, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. Suggestions for the greenest of green candies, cupcakes, and cookies are here to make your day pot-of-gold bright.

St Patricks Day Punch
To keep thirst at bay, here are a bunch of delightful recipes for St Patricks Day beverages. Best of all, it's your choice as to whether to add alcohol for a kick or keep the punch alcohol free. Just as tasty either way!

St Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt
Searching for that ever elusive pot of gold has never been more fun! Here's everything you need to know for choosing the best themes, coolest clues, and great prizes.

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Try these spooky drinks
for a boo-tiful party!

black martini
witch's brew

Crunchy party snacks,
yummy party fare!

chestnuts & pals
pumpkin seeds