St Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt

A Pot of Gold Awaits!

pot of gold consisting of black cauldron with gold coins overflowing

A St Patricks Day scavenger hunt has a built-in end goal given that the whole idea around St. Patrick's Day is searching for the pot of gold. But in this case it's not the result that counts, but how you get there!

So, it's time to decide on a theme and make up a bunch of fun clues. Don't forget to hide with each clue some of those St. Patrick's Day treats you made or purchased along the way!

Pick a Theme

Collecting the Colors of the Rainbow: The pot of gold is always at the end of the rainbow. So, for this St Patricks Day scavenger hunt, the object is to collect the pieces of the rainbow along the way.

Put your St. Patrick's Day crafts hat on and create your rainbow ahead of time. Carve the bands of color out of wood and paint them. Or cut them out of felt and place them on a felt board. Or there's always just good old plain colored paper.

Write each clue on the back of the rainbow bands of color. Collect each color arc and assemble to make your rainbow. Best of all, the finished rainbow makes a great keepsake!

Following the Green Footprints: This is a great indoor St Patricks Day scavenger hunt theme. Using a footprint rubber stamp and green ink or green tempera paint, stamp a bunch of footprints onto white paper and cut them out.

You're probably asking why do it on white paper. Well, unless your entire house is tile and you can easily scrub off all of these little footprints, you're not going to want to stamp directly onto your rugs, hardwood floors, get the picture.

This is a good scavenger hunt for the "clueless." You can set a path for your folks to follow and sweeten it with St Patricks Day treats along the way. Remember, though, the big prize is that lovely pot of gold at the end.

gold and green foil-wrapped coins

Spying the Dropped Gold Coins: Using the Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs approach, this St Patricks Day scavenger hunt drops coins along the way to the pot of gold. Of course, each of these gold coins has a clue pointing to the next coin.

Make Up Clues

We've had a scavenger hunt every Easter for the past 13 years in my house, so I've had quite a bit of practice with them. The whole object of a clue is to get you to the next clue.

Clue Basics

These are must-dos for a successful St Patricks Day scavenger hunt:

  • Number all clues. There's always the chance that the participants will accidently find a clue out of order. Not supposed to happen, but it does occasionally. So be prepared and simply number each one.
  • Create all clues on the computer. This makes it super easy to make changes and reprint them if necessary. Also, it makes it easy to add graphics. Bonus: it gives you a record for next year's hunt.
  • Do a dry run. It's absolutely essential that you solve all of the clues and move onto the next one yourself before the big day. Don't forget to leave all of the clues where you find them so you don't have to hide them again (unless, of course, they're in the wrong spot).

Types of Clues

Clues fall into a variety of categories. Here are a few that my son has enjoyed over the years and that you can apply to your St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt.

Math Clues
  • Clue: Walk (the number of windows in this house divided by the number of closets) steps towards the east. Turn right and walk (the number of doorways you can walk through minus the number of bathrooms) steps and take a load off.
  • Answer: 24 ÷ 6 = 4 steps towards the east (you can tell which way to turn by the time of day; sun rises in the east, sets in the west). 12 – 3 = 9 steps. Take a load off means the clue is in the seat at which you've arrived.

Riddle Clues
  • Clue: I am up all night and I don't give a hoot.
  • Answer: The clue is hidden behind an owl. Could be a stuffed owl on a bed, a figurine on a shelf, behind a painting with an owl in get the idea.

Rebus Clues
  • Clue: Your best boyfriend's first name plus your best girlfriend's hobby plus "B" plus you have two of these on either side of your head.
  • Answer: Dan + singing + B + ears = Dancing Bears. Means the clue is by something to do with Grateful Dead. In our house that doesn't narrow it down much, but hopefully that's not the case in your home.

Create the Prize

All St Patricks Day scavenger hunts end with a pot of gold. But, under the gold coins on top, add some of the items below. Hey, those cauldrons are pretty big, you know. Make sure you have plenty of gold coins to cover the surprises underneath!

Men Women
• Shamrock boxers • Green panties
• Green socks • Green tights
• 4 leaf clover key chain • 4 leaf clover charm
• Green striped tie • Green hair band
• Green t-shirt • Green plaid scarf
• Green phone case • Green change purse

green purse for coins tie with stripes of various hues of green

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