St Patricks Day Treats

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

green lollipop with yellow and blue swirls

St Patricks Day treats add so much cheer to an already quite festive occasion. Candy, cupcakes,'s all good. Make sure the color green is evident, and you're already halfway there!

What's the most important aspect of any (and all) St Patrick's Day treats? Answer: Sugar, lots and lots of sugar. It's not really a treat if it's not sweet, at least in my book. So for the best St. Patrick's Day fun and the most creative St. Patrick's Day party ideas, make sure you have on hand lots of St. Patrick's Day candy, cupcakes, and cookies.

And we all know what the second most important part is: green. Yep, can't say it enough. If you're going to stay true to the age-old St. Patrick's Day tradition, you've got to show your green throughout.

St. Patrick's Day Candy for the Parade

You're going to need plenty of St Patricks Day treats that you can stick in your pocket and eat on the go. You have to get to the parade, after all. So, fill your pockets to the brim with lots of green sweet treats for the road. Here are some ideas to help fill up those pockets.

• Green lollipops • Green and white mints • Green gummi frogs
• Green licorice • Green jawbreakers • Green jellybeans
• Green gum drops • Green rock candy • Green sour balls
• Green gummi bears • Green salt water taffy • Green Air Heads
• Green M&Ms • Green candy corn • Green fudge
• Green wedges
  (sugar-coated jelly)

You can even get in the St Paddy's Day spirit by indulging in green flavors as you gather up your St Patricks Day treats.

• Lime • Pistachio • Green apple
• Peppermint • Watermelon • Green tea
• Spearmint

St. Patrick's Day Baked Goodies

cupcake with green icing and chocolate shamrock on top

St Patricks Day treats come in all shapes and sizes, but my personal favorites come with icing. It's simply the perfect topping for all kinds of recipes for St. Patrick's Day.

Cupcakes, donuts, cookies...they can all be made with icing that fits the holiday. You'll be amazed at the variety of St. Patrick's Day themes you can fit on a baked good no bigger than the palm of your hand.

Oh, and did I mention the icing? Yippee!

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Decorations: Shamrocks are the first thing that come to mind, but there are many different edible and non-edible cupcake toppers that are perfect for your St Patricks Day treats. Check out the suggestions below:

• Chocolate coins in gold paper • Leprechaun hats
• Horseshoes (good luck) • 3 or 4 leaf clovers
• Little beer mugs • Rainbows
• Yellow candy for gold coins • Little bottles of beer
• Little leprechaun dolls • Flags of Ireland

Wrappers: There are a lot of really cute printed wrappers out there for St. Patrick's Day. And, of course, there's always metallic green or gold (as in pot of gold). Or, put your St. Patrick's Day crafts hat on and create a wrapper that looks like either of the following:

  • Leprechaun Hat (complete with buckle): Place a cupcake on a small green saucer (or green paper if need be). Wrap a green paper band around the cupcake to cover the body of the cu0pcake. Add a band of lighter green to the bottom to become the ribbon and a gold buckle in the front.

  • Black Pot of Gold: Using black fondant, create a round, black caldron big enough to fit around your cupcake. Cover the cupcake in yellow or gold icing. Add a piece of fondant rainbow to complete your St Patricks Day treat.

St. Patrick's Day Store-bought Donuts,
Only Better

donut with white and green icing

Icing: Take your favorite donut and add white and green icing to it. Icing can be green with white, white with green, drizzle either way, or keep the entire cupcake one solid color. Next, decorate with any (or all) of the items below.

Decorating: Now that your cupcake is iced, add green-colored sugar, jimmies, little green sugar shamrocks, or green-colored white chocolate chips.

St. Patrick's Day Cookies, Cookies,
and Yes, Cookies with Icing!

Cookies are always a hit and always easily obtained. Whether you do slice-and-serve for your St Patricks Day treats or create your own leprechauns, there's something for everyone.

shamrock shaped cookies with icing and green sugar leprechaun head made from decorated chocolate chip cookies

Shamrock Cookie Cutter: Decorate cookies with green fondant or sugar. Then pipe on white icing that says "Kiss Me I'm Irish."

Chocolate Chip Leprechauns: Add a huge wad (that's the way I like my icing—in a wad) of peach icing between 2 large chocolate chip cookies. Pinch one side to have it squish to the other side. Add a face on it with orange beard and eyebrows. Create a hat with a marshmallow dyed green with food coloring and some fondant. And now pass it to me to eat.

Slice and Serve: Around St. Patrick's Day look for the tube with the green shamrocks on it. Then just follow the directions for slicing and baking to serve up the next best thing to made-from-scratch.

Green Hearts: Serve these heart-shaped cookies to your St. Patrick's Day sweetie in a group of 4 with the points together to make a shamrock. Too cute!

shortbread cookies with shamrock in center four heart-shaped cookies with green icing pushed together to make shamrock

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