Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

These Thanksgiving dinner ideas will add zip to your holiday gathering. Forget a dry turkey...ok, never mind, tradition dictates that we keep that one. But do check out our many easy Thanksgiving ideas on everything from invitations to centerpieces.

And since food is the big focus of Thanksgiving, we've included Thanksgiving menu ideas galore. Start your meal off right with our scrumptious recipes for appetizers and salads. Hop on over to our recipes for dressings and side dishes to make the main portion of your Thanksgiving dinner just as memorable as the start. Finally, we help you delicously complete your Thanksgiving dinner menu with cake recipes to die for!

We've even got you covered when it comes to saying your piece at the start of the meal. You know that awkward moment when you want to appear to be either poignantly deep or delightfully witty as you give thanks? Well, our Thanksgiving dinner ideas won't help you with the heavy philosophy part, but our funny Thanksgiving poems are just the ticket for a humorous approach.

It's turkey time (sit down, we don't mean you Uncle Willy).

Click on the links below to add some pizzazz to your gathering!

Thanksgiving Day Invitations
Downloadable Thanksgiving Day invitations make it a breeze to gather friends and family for a most memorable Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece
Tired of the same old Thanksgiving Day centerpiece or none at all? These cool table centerpieces will warm your decor and spark conversation at the same time.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas
These awesome themes will make this year's Thanksgiving dinner visually vibrant and gastronomically great.

Funny Thanksgiving Poems
Food is on the table, and it's your turn to give thanks. Eloquence not your forte? No worries...just recite one of these witty poems and make your mark in the annals of family lore.

Thanksgiving Appetizers
With countless creative variations on traditional appetizers, these are a fabulous start to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Salad Recipes
Who said salads have to be boring? These recipes will put the zing back in your greens and holiday pep in your step.

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes
Tasty side dishes are must-have additions to any Thanksgiving dinner idea. These recipes are delectable winners that will round out your Thanksgiving feast beautifully.

Thanksgiving Dressing Recipes
Turkey without dressing? Shudder the thought! Here are recipes to stuff that bird deliciously, whether you're new to throwing the Thanksgiving dinner or an old pro.

Thanksgiving Cake Recipes
Yes, at this point in the meal it looks like everybody's tummy is gonna burst. Somehow there's always still room for Thanksgiving dessert, so let them eat (delicious) cake!


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