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Your fellow Americans' top New Years resolutions are sown across the Internet in an ever optimistic field of hope. I don't know if having this many compadres will inspire you to fulfill your promises to self, but at the very least here's to satisfying your curiosity.

And if you need a laugh as you try to keep on the self-improvement track, hop on over to our Funny New Years Resolutions page.

In no particular order, time and again folks promise themselves that this is the year they will...

  • Lose weight
    What you're really saying is get healthy. After all, losing weight will come with a healthier lifestyle. Easy to say, not so easy to do. But as a yoyo gal myself, I can tell you that dieting without getting healthy just doesn't work. Cut portions, cut sweets, drink lots of water, and get your (soon to be little) butt up and move.

  • Quit smoking
    Again, been there, done that. I still have nightmares 17 years later where I'm smoking in my dream and wake up with the feeling of dread. You know, that feeling of "Oh, no. I have to quit smoking again." It's the hardest addiction there is, but you just have to quit. Get a refillable water bottle and reach for that every time you want a cigarette. It won't do anything for the urge, but it will keep you busy. Between the drinking, going to fill the bottle up, and of course peeing, you'll be blessedly busy. And "busy" is what you really need to keep your mind off those seductive little sticks.

  • Quit drinking
    Depending on where you are, this is one top New Years resolutions you might not be able to do alone. If you're truly a social drinker, you're wasting a ton of calories that could go towards something much better. And if you're more than a social drinker, get support. That's why it's there.

  • Get a better job
    Why is it most people will stay in a job they hate rather than move on? Are we really so sure everything we don't know about in this world is bad? Is it even possible that it could all be bad? As a glass not half full, but a glass shattered in a billion pieces type of person, even I know all bad isn't possible.

  • Improve their education
    Top New Years resolutions with multiple benefits are very cool, and this fits that category quite nicely. You get to meet new people, learn new things, and make yourself more valuable in the workplace. Sounds like a win, win, win to me.

  • Make time for fitness
    This gets back to getting healthy. The funny thing is that when you're healthier—eating right, not smoking or drinking—you have more time to get fit. Most importantly, you have more energy. So while the hours in a day can't increase, you'll be amazed at how fast you can go when you get healthy.

  • Spend more time with family and friends
    Take one day a week, every other week, or once a month to change your routine. Leave the wash in the hamper—it'll be there tomorrow—and go out. Take your family or a few friends downtown or even to the next town over. All that matters is that you make it someplace a little different from your usual meanderings. Spend the day in search of photography galleries, take pictures on the way, window shop, see a movie, eat at an outdoor café. The point of this top New Years resolution is to talk, walk, and experience something together.

  • Get finances under control
    If cutting back is an option, do it. There are so many great ways to entertain yourself that are free: parks, museums at certain times, riding your bike, window shopping to name a few. If it's more serious than that, get support. I am a firm believer that you can't be good at everything, so if you are bad with money, find someone who is good with it—and listen to them.

  • Stress less
    You can say it until you're red in the face, but the bottom line is you have to live it. Replace stress with relaxation. Leave your mother's house and come home and have a cup of tea on the back deck. Get out of that stressful meeting and walk around the block, people watch, or check out the clouds. Face it, most things are not a 10 in terms of importance. You just need to put a little distance between yourself and the stressful situation sometimes.

  • Travel
    An absolute must. Whether it's the next town, state, country, or continent, to grow you have to experience new things, eat new foods, meet new people. The world is small these days. You can do it. You can travel quickly to far off lands for CHEAP. DO IT.

  • Give back by helping others
    Ultimately, this is what life is all about. Not what you have, but who you are. And how you live your life speaks volumes about who you are. So join the community, advocate for those underserved, and help us lift everyone up as a group. This is one of those top New Years resolutions that's a win-win for everybody!

Common sense says that if you're going to make any of these top New Years resolutions work, pick only one or two biggies. Anything more than that and you're setting yourself up to fail.

And if you botch sticking to your top New Years resolution, for heaven's sake don't abandon it! Just get back into the self-discipline mode and pick up where you left off. If you succeed at fulfilling even one resolution, you'll be that much further ahead in the game of life by the time next New Year's Eve rolls around.

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