Unique Easter Gifts

To Use Year After Year

German paper mache eggs with Easter scenes painted on

Make this holiday your own with these truly unique Easter gifts. Easter gives you plenty to work with: eggs, bunnies, flowers, chocolate. So go ahead and have some fun straying from the tried and true!

All About Eggs

I love to give, and to get (hint, hint) unique Easter gifts that can be used to decorate a home year after year. My own collections started that way many moons ago. Here's your chance to start a collection for someone else this year.

Most of my Easter collections center around eggs. After all, eggs say Easter right away; you don't even have to think about it. These can be used not only as unique Easter gifts, but they can lay the foundation for wonderful Easter basket ideas, too.

  • New or antique (both look great) German paper mache eggs. They open and you can put a little bit of candy in them.
  • Egg-shaped candles in a gray cardboard egg carton, wrapped with a big fat pink silk ribbon.
  • Tapered candles that look like stacks of eggs (I also have bunny candles). A pair of these wrapped with green polka dot ribbon make a great Easter dinner gift.

multi-colored marble easter eggs

  • Marble, alabaster, or granite egg in a cute eggcup from the thrift store.
  • Egg ornaments. You can double dip your holidays and use these at Christmas, too.
  • Egg-shaped dishes. These can be highly decorative for display, or plain ones in purple, green, pink, blue, or yellow that you paint yourself at the local pottery shop. A set of four is a great gift and will be used throughout the season.
  • Egg-shaped boxes. Little or large, with treats inside or without. Aww, who are we kiddin'? Treats are always better!

Easter Desserts Bunny-style

One of my favorite gifts when I first moved out of my parent's home in my early twenties was a ceramic brownie dish that had in it everything I needed to make brownies. I'm talkin' measuring cups, a wooden spoon, the recipe, and the ingredients down to the chocolate chips. I've always thought that was the best gift because I still have that pan, the wooden spoon, and the measuring cups, and I've baked those brownies again and again.

So...I'm thinking that with all of the cool Easter cooking utensils, Easter dessert kits would make really unique Easter gifts, too. Be sure to include the recipe along with the utensils.

Oh, and the simpler the recipe, the better. After all, dessert kits are best appreciated by folks who lack either the time or the inclination to make goodies from scratch.

easter bunny metal candy mold

The Easter Candy Package: Easter bunny mold, small double boiler (or a thick glass bowl if microwaving), thermometer, wooden spoon, rubber spatula, chocolate.

  • Melt chocolate very slowly so it doesn't burn
  • Pour in mold
  • Place in freezer

easter bunny cookie cutter

The Easter Cookie Package: Easter bunny cookie cutter, rolling pin, cookie sheet, flour, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, butter, chocolate icing, icing piper. The sugar cookie recipe below is as easy as...er...pie.

  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
Mix all the ingredients together. Bake at 350 degrees F until edges are golden brown.

The Easter Cupcake Package: Easter bunny Peeps, cupcake baking pan, glass bowl, wooden spoon, rubber spatula, cute Easter paper baking cups, cake mix, canned icing, food coloring to mimic green grass.

This one's a breeze! Line the cupcake baking pan indentations with paper baking cups. Then simply follow the directions on the box of cake mix to make the cupcakes.

Mix the green food coloring with the canned icing. Once the cupcakes are cool, top each with a generous smear of green icing. Set a bunny Peep on top, pressing down a little so that the little critter stays in place.

Super Fun Easter Gifts

pink bunny ears attached to pink headband

Something fun is sure to get your gift remembered. It doesn't have to be elaborate either. Just make it a little something that'll let them know you're thinking of them this Easter.

  • Bunny ears, or in this case, bunny ears with a tiara...now that's festive!
  • Book on chocolate
  • Book on rabbits
  • Bouquet of cherry blossom branches
  • Egg cookbook
  • Pink and yellow bandanas for the pets
  • Bouquet of pussy willows
  • Grape hyacinth in a basket
  • Book on Faberg√© eggs
  • Set of napkins with spring flowers printed on them
  • Pair of cute barrettes with spring flowers on them
barrette with daffodils attached

Of course, adding some chocolate will get you remembered fondly even more! Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with coconut, chocolate with nuts, chocolate and peanut butter...it's all good.

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