Valentines Day Present Ideas

For Your Very Special Someone

valentines day chocolates tied with ribbon

Valentines Day present ideas need to be just as incredible as your special someone. They should evoke thoughts of a memory shared, that spectacular weekend down the shore, your first date, or a promised future.

Sounds elaborate, but no, this is actually the easiest way to go. After all, folks, Valentine's Day gifts don't have to be elaborate or expensive to be exceptional.

We have Valentines Day present ideas for everyone: boyfriends and girlfriends, young and old. You'll find a plethora of store-bought and homemade Valentines Day gifts right here. Yes, we're happy to ensure that the Valentine's Day presents just keep on flowing!

Valentines Day Present Ideas
To Bring Back That Special Memory

romantic postcards

Think back to a special time with your honey when you both had a fabulous time. Got it? It's not the right image unless you have a smile on your face now just thinking about it. Grinning from ear to ear? Then yep, that's the memory you want your gift to bring to your loved one's mind.

To get you started on how to present those wonderful memories, here are some special events and Valentines Day present ideas to consider. And the best part is these Valentine's Day romantic ideas look like you've been planning them for months!

A day at the beach

  • A small glass bottle of sand with a pink heart sticker on it and wrapped with a red ribbon
  • A postcard from the town you visited with a love note on the back
  • A seashell with a small red heart painted inside with nail polish

A special date

fortune cookies with a love note

  • A DVD of the movie you saw
  • A CD of the song that was playing on your first date
  • A Kolo scrapbook of memories from a special year—photos, songs, ticket stubs
  • A fortune cookie from your special Chinese restaurant with a romantic Valentine fortune inside
  • A picture of yourself in that stunning red dress

A romantic trip

pressed flower on dictionary page

  • A framed piece of silk, ribbon, or lace (no one needs to know the details but you!)
  • Chocolate from the country you visited
  • A small framed map with a heart to indicate where you were
  • A pressed flower from the region you stayed in. Place it on a page from the dictionary (the page where you find the definition of "love" is good, or something that is more personal to you), and frame it in a simple silver frame.

Valentines Day Present Ideas
To Keep the Fire Going All Year

Seeing red isn't always bad. At Valentine's Day it's actually a very good thing. Here are some unique ideas for Valentines Day that are all red. To top it off, they're really cute Valentine's Day ideas, if I do say so myself!

red pashmina shawl

For Her
  • Red pashmina scarf
  • Red panties
  • Red camisole
  • Red nail polish
  • Red hair ribbon
  • Red jewelry (beads to rubies)
  • Red scented candles
  • Red cashmere sweater
  • Red wallet

red tie For Him
  • Red socks
  • Red boxers
  • Red robe
  • Red tie
  • Red scarf
  • Red pajama bottoms
  • Red golf ball (you can always paint it yourself)
  • Red hat (baseball or knit)
  • Red coffee mug

Valentines Day Present Ideas
To Turn Your House Into A Love Nest

Setting the stage for Valentine's Day is something you can easily do at home. Moving room by room, here are some cute Valentine's Day ideas that you can use to make sure the whole day is special.

hearts drawn with red lipstick

Bathroom: Start in the bathroom in the morning. Leave a message on the mirror letting your special someone know you love him/her. Add a flower to the water glass. And put a cute washcloth with hearts on it in the shower.

Kitchen: Serve one of our scrumptious homemade Valentines Day gifts in the morning—heart-shaped waffles with fresh strawberries (you can never go wrong with good food). Add one of our love coupons for Valentines Day next to your sweetheart's breakfast plate.

The Car: Leave a CD in the player that will remind your honey of a special time you had together. Be sure to leave a little love note with instructions to turn on the music.

valentines day lamp turned dimly lit

The Living Room: Have a fire going in the fireplace. Turn the jazz on low and the lights on lower. Open a bottle of red wine. Have the wine breathing on a tray with wine glasses and red rose petals artfully scattered about.

The Bedroom: Come on, do I really have to tell you everything? Here's where you use your imagination and have have fun (naughty or nice) coming up with your own Valentine's Day present ideas!

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