Valentines Day Project

Signed With A Kiss

A Valentines Day project doesn't have to be elaborate to show the object of your affections how much you love him or her. In fact, the best homemade Valentine's Day present ideas are so simple you can easily make more than one.

To get you in the mood, here's a little history behind Valentine's Day. The truth about Valentine's Day is that during medieval times people who couldn't write their names signed in front of a witness with an "X." The "X" was then kissed to show the signer's sincerity. Display your own sincerity this February 14th with a lovingly crafted Valentines Day project signed with a kiss.

Embroidered Lipstick Print

tube of red lipstick and red lip print on paper

Whether you complete this Valentines Day project on the inside of your sweetie's collar (remember, unique ideas for Valentine's Day is what we're all about), or on a small piece of muslin that you place in a small silver frame, it all starts with your lipstick print.

Here's what you need: Really red lipstick, copier paper, pencil, scissors, 6 strands of red embroidery thread, embroidery needle, and an embroidery hoop (optional).

Here's how you do it: Load up your lips with intensely red lipstick and start kissing copier paper. Well, how else do you expect to get your unique lip shape? After you've done it a dozen or so times in various stages of puckerdom, cut out the one you like best. Use this one as your template; trace around the edges onto your fabric with a very sharp pencil.

You are now set to embroider. Divide your 6 strands of embroidery thread into thirds. Use 2 strands at a time to embroider. Using the satin stitch (straight stitches right next to each other to create a smooth look, like the stitches on a patch), fill in the top lip first, and then fill in the bottom lip. For the best effect, embroider each lip separately even if they join together.

If you're uncertain of getting a good clean edge, you can outline your lip print first with thread, and then fill in the lip halves with the satin stitch. It always looks good if you fill in over the outline so no one sees the pencil mark.

Hugs and Kisses Cookies

red cookie cutters in the shape of

So easy, anyone can do it! Yes,, teenagers, adults, anyone. These make great Valentine's Day presents for boyfriends and FROM boyfriends (hint, hint).

Here's what you need: The "O" and the "X" from alphabet cookie cutters, cookie dough, flour, a rolling pin, cookie tray, and red icing.

Here's how you do it: Use any cookie dough you like—homemade or tube, it's up to you. Put a little flour on your counter so the dough doesn't stick. Roll out the dough to between 1/8" and 1/4" thickness. Use your "O" and "X" cookie cutters to create the perfect hugs and kisses. Bake and ice with red icing. Voila, a Valentines Day project that's not only romantic, but yummy too.

Portrait of Yourself Blowing a Kiss

woman blowing a kiss at the camera

As Valentine's Day presents for boyfriends go, this one can be really sexy. Dress however you want...cute, sexy, or don't dress at all. After all, it's your show.

Here's your chance to indulge in loads of creative fun: prop big hearts behind you; sit on a white floor strewn with rose petals. Use your imagination and just go for it!

Here's what you need: Digital camera with a timer (or a friend who can take the picture for you), photo paper, and picture frame.

Here's how you do it: Take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss to the camera. Print the picture. Frame the picture. A Valentines Day project doesn't get any easier than that!

Chocolate Lips

lips made of chocolate

Chocolate really says Valentine's Day to me. As a matter of fact, I think it should be mandatory that chocolate flow freely throughout those 24 hours. Homemade Valentine's Day gifts totally rock, and playing with chocolate is a double win.

Here's what you need: Chocolate, microwave, and chocolate lips candy mold.

Here's how you do it: Melt the chocolate in the microwave. To do this, first break up the chocolate, then place it in a microwave-safe bowl and heat on 50% power for 1 minute. Take out and stir. Repeat until the chocolate is almost melted. Take out the chocolate one last time and stir until it is really smooth. Pour the chocolate into the mold and place in the refrigerator to harden. Take out of the refrigerator, but keep in the mold for 24 hours to get a shinier look to your chocolate.

Don't forget to check out the local candy store for more crafts like this one. Sometimes an assortment of the cutest Valentines Day projects can be bought, especially around Valentine's Day itself.

Close-Up of Your Smile

woman smiling widely, wearing red lipstick

OK gentlemen, here is one your lady will really appreciate. Who says guys' Valentine's Day gifts can't be thoughtful, unique, and fun? After all, Valentines Day projects are not solely for women to make. And who can't help but smile when someone is smiling at them?

Here's what you need: Digital camera with a timer (or a friend who can take the picture for you), photo paper, and picture frame.

Here's how you do it: Take a close-up of your smile. Print the picture. Frame the picture. I think this project might be even easier than the last one!

Tic-Tac-Toe (X's and O's) Art

tic-tac-toe game made of wood

Any woodworkers in the crowd? Here's the Valentines Day project you've been waiting for. Create your own custom Valentine's Day Tic-Tac-Toe for years of fun. (Can also be done with cookies for a more short-term present!)

Here's what you need: Plywood, molding, saw, nails with heads, drill, "O" and "X" alphabet stencils, black spray paint, and stain or paint.

Here's how you do it: Create your game board. Start with your stencils to determine your size. Work small with 1" letters for a hand-held game you can bring in the car on road trips, or use large 3" letters to hang on the wall as a piece of art between games. Either is great.

Cut all pieces for the board and playing pieces. Stain or paint them. Hammer a nail into the center of each block on your Tic-Tac-Toe grid, leaving 1/4" of each nail exposed. On the front of all of your game pieces spray paint a black "X." On the back of all of your game pieces spray paint a black "O." In the center of each playing piece, drill a circle big enough to clear the nail head.

Add molding around the outside of the board to create your frame. If you're planning to hang this Valentines Day project on the wall, drill a hole in the top center of the game board just below the frame.

Lip Pop Art a la Andy Warhol

lip prints in three rows of three prints

I love this one; it brings out the artist in all of us. You know all of those pieces of paper you kissed to get the perfect lips to embroider in the first of our many Valentines Day projects (Embroidered Lipstick Print above)? Well, dust one of them off and create your own masterpiece.

Here's what you need: Really red lipstick, copier paper, scanner, a color printer, and frame.

Here's how you do it: Load your lips up with really red lipstick and start kissing copier paper—you're starting to get really good at this. Scan this image into your computer and make a bunch of copies of the image in different colors (use any photo manipulation software to change the color).

Either print out each image individually, or bring them all into one application and print a composite. Frame your Valentines Day project masterpiece for a perfect gift that will last a lifetime.

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